Zupapa Trampoline Review: 2021 Upgraded Version

Have you ever wondered that it’s possible to have fun as well as work out at the same time and that too with your children? And do you know how? Let’s read this Zupapa trampoline review along and we both will know. 

Certainly, it’s the Zupapa trampoline that can provide you with such advantage. This model has got so many love from its users that we felt the need of a ‘Zupapa trampoline review.’

If you are looking for a great model, then the write-up here can help you out. We have covered all the features and traits that can trigger you to buy the trampoline.

Models & Specifications of Zupapa Trampoline

 Zupapa 15' TrampolineZupapa 14' TrampolineZupapa 12' Trampoline
Size Options15'14'12'
Weight Limit375 lbs330 lbs330 lbs
Trampoline Weight192 lbs184 lbs164 lbs
Number of Springs1089672
Net Height6'6'6'
PriceClick HereClick HereClick Here
Zupapa Trampoline Review

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy Zupapa Trampoline

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons to go for Zuppa.

  • Higher weight capacity
  • Comes with ladder and rain coat
  • Safety

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Features of Zupapa Trampoline


Zupapa Design

Zupapa trampoline review is all filled with positive reactions from different users due to its design. 

The trampoline features heavy duty steel frame, net poles and 2 steel joints. Each of the poles and legs has been bungled tightly at two places so that you can feel its firmness. 

The brand has upgraded its new version with innovative technology and techniques. The trampoline is designed through the hop-dip galvanizing process so that both the net pole and frame last longer. It is basically a process of dipping steel in melted zinc for producing multiple layered and rust-resistant coating. 

The springs are made of steel that feel more durable than expectation. There will be padded cover for springs but that may not last long. 

However, all of them feature similar trampoline height with net enclosure coming in 8.8 feet. 

Talking about net enclosure, you need to place it between the spring pad and the mat. 

Bounce System

Zupapa Trampoline Bounce System

The trampoline possesses spring bounce system. Hence, it will have a high bounce nature due to the spring. 

Moreover, the mat comes in three different sizes, 12 feet, 14 feet and 15 feet. Hence, it will have wider diameter, that will quite impress you. 

The 12 feet one features 72 springs. The 14 feet one will have 96 springs while the 15 feet one will come with 108 springs.

Since the trampoline will be pretty bouncy, both the parents and kids will love to perform different exercise using the mat. To add more, having a high bounce can be a great way to improve the balance, coordination, and agility. 

Weight Capacity

The 12 feet and 14 feet trampoline can load weight of about 330 pounds. Meanwhile the 15 one has weight capacity of 375 pounds. Thus, it can be ideal for both parents and kids to use together. 

The best part is that the parents were found impressed with the quality of the mat. They boast it to ensure the abuse greatly even after a long time of jumping on it. 


Zupapa Safety

The brand has ensured all the safety with this model.

As it has been mentioned, the trampoline comes with poles and legs that are tightly bungled. Hence, it makes the model safer while preventing structural twisting.

Moreover, the trampoline features Safer Unique No-Gap design that helps in eliminating gap between mat and pad. As a result, it make an ideal choice since it meets all the standards of TUV certification


The trampoline is stated to be easy to assemble. It’s advisable to contact the brand for clearing up any confusion as the instruction may not help you much. 

That said, it comes with all the necessary parts other than the mat and the frame. You will have enclosure net, net poles, 2 steel joints, 2 T-spring pull tool, 6 wind stakes, 2 pairs of gloves, springs, rain cover and a ladder. 

It’s ladder and rain cover can be a bonus factor to go and get the trampoline. 

However, the zipper of the net is very strong and this causes it to zip all the way down due to having the net fit tightly. This can be a small con. 

Another issue is that that padde tubes and metal poles that are set into the net sleeves don’t hold up well. So, another small drawback. 

    • Hot dip galvanization process makes the trampoline last longer.
    • High bounce system offers health benefits, stability and agility.
    • Its higher weight capacity makes it great to be used by both parents and kids.
    • Safety has been ensured by meeting TUV standards. 
    • It does not take time to put together due to easy assembly. 
    • Comes with necessary parts including a rain coat and a ladder. 
    • The written instructions may end up confusing you since they were stated to be vague and unclear. 
    • The safety pad cover may not last long if exposed to sun for a long time. 
    • As the net is fit tightly, it could be difficult to zip the net zipper all the way down. 
    • The foam fails to hold up the net well. 

What to Look for Before You Buy a Zupapa Trampoline?

Probably a few customers are still confused about choosing the right Zupapa trampoline for their kids. If you’re one of those people, this comprehensive buyer’s guide will come in handy!

Here, I have listed a couple of core things you need to look for, especially if you’re finding the best one. So, let’s get familiar with them right now!


There is no doubt that you’ll have to consider the overall size of the Zupapa trampoline before looking anywhere. In general, you need to measure your trampoline considering its diameter (usually in feet).

In my opinion, you should pick the one that offers a larger space to your kids. But keep in mind, choosing a large-sized trampoline will be only acceptable if you have adequate space to install it. If not, then you might have to end up with space issues.

Poles and Frames

These are the second important thing to look for. Galvanized steel is a pretty common name when it comes down to poles and frames.

However, a few high-end Zupapa models are well-equipped with hot-dip galvanization, ensuring more durability and reliability. So, you can also go with this one if stability and longevity matter a lot to you.

Besides, when we talk about pole, the one you plan on getting should come with “w-shaped.” This one is comparatively easier to connect with joints/hooks.

Netting and Mat

Material quality in the netting and mat let you find out the differences between a high-quality and low-end one.

And fortunately, the maker of Zupapa uses polypropylene as a primary material for the mats, making it more reliable than the typical ones.

But make sure you get yourself the one that delivers UV resistance, for which your trampoline can protect itself from extreme weather conditions.

When we talk about netting, you should go with polyethylene instead of anything else.


When considering a bouncy trampoline for your little ones, it’s better to have one that features more springs. Compared to the standard trampolines out there, Zupapa includes a lot more springs inside of it, thankfully!

But you have to make sure your Zupapa trampoline doesn’t come with too many springs , but why? Well, this might make your child feel stiff and a little bit uncomfortable.

And keep in mind, taking appropriate cleaning steps and removing the rust will be obligatory if you want to keep your trampoline more long-lasting.

Sewing and Padding

Are you hunting for a safe trampoline? Hands down, considering the sewing and padding will be a MUST!

The padding plays an essential role in preventing your kids from accidentally hitting with steel. This one right here goes between the spring of the trampoline and poles.

Talking about sewing, it usually goes between the connection of the springs and mat. Be sure the trampoline you’re getting has no gaps in the sewing system. These will make it relatively safer and ideal for both kids and teenagers.

TUV Approval

Interestingly, over 99.99% of Zupapa Trampolines are approved by TUV. Indeed, it’s a German organization that’s pretty much well-known for determining and measuring the safety of some of the different products.

So, I can say using the Zupapa trampoline is 100% safe, especially for your little ones.

Weight Capacity

Last but certainly not least, considering the weight capacity is so important when you’re in the shop to get a top-quality trampoline. I always suggest the customers getting the one capable of taking a lot of weights at once.

Yep, that should be able to take more than 300lbs of weight, for which 2-3 kids can easily keep on bouncing without ending up with any accidents.  

Are Zupapa Trampolines Durable?

Without a doubt, yes! The upgraded Zupapa trampoline you find around the market packs a durable metal frame that is crafted from top-notch galvanized steel.

Usually, the metal of this product comes in a thickness of 1.5 mm and a diameter of nearly 42mm. The sturdy poles give you an optimal level of durability, stability, safety, and of course, weather resistance.

As I’ve mentioned before, each and every Zupapa trampoline is approved by TUV, so it assures that every little piece used in this tool is of excellent quality and tested by experts for ultimate durability.

Are Zupapa Trampolines Safe?

I’ve recently found a question online, “Is the Zupapa trampoline the safest one for my kids?” So here, I am, answering in detail:

No-Gap Mat

Surprisingly, some upgraded models of Zupapa trampolines come with a gap-free jumping mat. The padding provides complete coverage of springs, and it aids in closing the gap (between the surface of jumping and the springs).

Consequently, your little one’s feet won’t get stuck in the springs accidentally.

The jumping mat, speaking of the construction, is manufactured with high-quality polypropylene (UV protected), so it’s more able to take loads of bouncing and withstand any damage from extreme sun’s rays.

Safety Pads (Double-Layer)

A premium-quality Zupapa trampoline has two layers of a thick pad (20mm) for optimal safety. The upper layer, also known as the primary layer, is designed to assist in preventing displacement since the pad is woven firmly to the mat.

And guess what? It also plays a significant role in giving excellent protection against UV rays.

When it comes to the lower layer of the pad, it boosts the comfort levels and offers additional cushion.

Sturdy Steel Clamps

You’ll be happy to know that Zupapa trampoline equips durable “steel” clamps instead of typical plastic to hold the leg and pole firmly together. Through the “dual-clamping” design, it helps delivers the Zupapa a safer and more durable feel.

In order to keep the trampoline away from sliding, Zupapa features excellent rubber grippers. Although I’ve found no unique feedback about the efficiency of rubber grippers, a couple of customers claimed that their Zupapa trampolines remained securely in place once assembled.

And I think the credit goes to those amazing rubber grippers!

Enclosed Netting

Undoubtedly, jumpers can keep on bouncing safely on account of the enclosed netting. If you buy any Zupapa trampoline from the shop, you’ll notice that the mesh nets are strongly and firmly attached to the mat, resulting in better stability.

Optimum Weight Capacity

What makes me surprised is that a usual Zupapa trampoline (15-feet) has a weight capacity of up to 375lbs! So even an adult can jump smoothly and safely.

Although some models are only able to lift for up to 250lbs, I think that’ll be more than enough for your little kid.

Always keep in mind – the more the weight capacity, the safer your trampoline is going to be.

If I had to purchase any trampoline, I’d always go with over 300lbs of weight limit to keep myself in the safe zone!

Essential Tools for Assembly

Generally, Zupapa trampoline assembly kits have two pieces of tools (t-shaped) engineered for an easy and secure spring attachment. A lot of customers have got these essential tools along with protective gloves for extra convenience.

Installing the Zupapa trampoline is easy as ABC, and at the same time, much safer than the others since it equips almost everything required for a quick assembly.

Even you’ll find a heap of tutorials online to learn the easiest way of assembling your favorite Zupapa trampoline!

As you can see, there are all the nooks and crannies available for you so that you can safely install this fantastic thing in your backyard and put a smile on your little one’s face!

Is the Zupapa the Right Trampoline for Your Family?

Of course! If you’re in search of a safety-certified, easy-to-install, and well-built trampoline for your loving kids, I can guarantee that the Zupapa trampoline won’t let you down!

The excellent weight capacity ensures that it’ll be a great choice for not only kids but for adults as well. If you use this product with proper care and maintenance, it might last for 3-5 years.

So overall, I believe that it’ll be a smart decision to buy a Zupapa trampoline for your family. What do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the safety net attach around the edge of jumping mat or outer side of the spring? Which one would be a safer option?

A: No, the net does not attach around the edge of jumping mat but outside the springs. The brand recommend their customers to buy the net that can be attached outer side of the springs. It’s because, the net attaching inside the springs results in more safety hazards. 

Q: What kind of risk will you have if the net is attached inside the springs?

A: There is a chance of bouncers hitting the springs and frame rather than of being directed back to the mat after jumping to the net. Thus, it is suggested to fix the net outside the springs. This will let the bouncers use the pad as rest areas and they can swap the position themselves without leaving the trampoline.  

Q: How useful will be the rain cover?

A: The rain cover will be very useful. It will keep the trampoline from moderate amount of rain. 

Zupapa Rain Cover

Final Words

And that was a wrap. Higher weight capacity and wider mat diameter- these two can be the primary reasons to get the zupapa trampoline right away. Besides, it also ensures quality, performance and safety giving you more reasons to have it. 

We hope this Zupapa trampoline review will help you make your mind up. 

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