17 Trampoline Safety Rules to Avoid Potential Injuries

trampoline safety rules

Jumping and rebounding on a trampoline is a great way of having fun and easing stress in both adults and kids,  given that you remember some key trampoline safety rules. The trampoline poses serious threats in case of occurrence of an injury, especially to the kids. For this reason, all safety rules and measures must be exercised to ensure that everyone is safe and having fun. With that said, here are 17 safety rules to avoid trampoline injuries.

Placing the trampoline 

Avoid installing the trampoline near poles, fences and trees which the child may hit and injure themselves. It is recommended that you have a safety perimeter of three meters minimum around the trampoline and that it should be away from wall, trees, poles and fences. Doing this makes the environment safer, and it boosts the confidence for your children.  

Assembling the trampoline

While assembling the trampoline, ensure that all the springs and bolts are in the right position and tightened well. The springs combined with the mat to create tension and provide a bounce when you jump. For maximum bounce, the springs need to be tight enough. Loose springs are a common source of accidents and injuries. Also, corroded springs need to be exchanged and replaced.

Installation of safety pads

Do not leave the springs, hooks and steel frames uncovered; otherwise, your child may land on them and get hurt. You, therefore, need to install a safety pad on the trampoline. Ensure that it is in good condition and placed properly. Also, when you purchase the best toddler trampoline, ensure that you go for those models that come with safety pads. 

Trampoline safety nets

Aside from the safety pads, safety nets are also important. Ensure that when making your trampoline purchase you go for models with the safety nets or alternatively buy them separately. The safety net is essential in preventing your child from hitting components like the frame and spring and also prevents them from slipping and hitting the ground. Sportspower my first trampoline comes with a safety net.

Jumping too high

Children are normally excited to use the trampoline. But this shouldn’t make them jump too high. This might lead them to lose control and jumping off the trampoline. To prevent this, train them on how to control how they jump and keep it low. When they get tired, they should take a break and come back when re-energized.

Take off all sharp objects

Children can be clumsy, and they may forget to take off their jewelry before using the trampoline. This is dangerous, as sharp objects may cut and injure them when they land. To avoid this, ensure that they remove everything in their pockets and the jewelry before using the trampoline.

Avoid somersaults in the trampoline

Somersaults expose your neck and head to injuries and should be discouraged in the trampoline. In case you land the wrong way when doing somersaults, you can also sprain and fracture your forearm collarbone, elbow and wrists.

Using the trampoline ladder

It is very important that the children use the trampoline ladder to enter and exit the trampoline at all times. Do not allow them to jump in and out of the trampoline as this is very dangerous. This could result in them ending up in the emergency room with injuries like broken limbs, bruises and neck injuries, among others. Zupapa trampoline can be a good choice.

Free the trampoline from moisture and snow

 Moisture and snow make the trampoline wet and increases the chance of the children slipping and getting hurt. To avoid this, ensure that the jumping mat is fully dry before the kids start using it. Winter season can be a menace, and the best alternative will be to pack your trampoline and store it inside your house. Replace your mat once it is worn out with one of a similar size and high quality.

Ensure that the ground is level

It is advisable to have the trampoline installed on level ground to promote proper balancing. If the ground isn’t level, children may jump and hurt themselves. The best place to install your trampoline is on the ground with an energy-absorbing property such as grass, springy lawn, bark wood chip, sand, among others. You can also opt to use ground safety pads. 

Avoid doing acrobatics on the trampoline

Children may watch movies that involve somersaults, and backflips among other acrobatics and want to try them out in the trampoline. This should be strongly condemned. These stunts are done by professionals who have experience in the field. The kids may do these acrobatics wrongly and end up landing wrongly. This might lead to injuries, permanent disabilities or to some extent, death. 

Coverage of the safety net

The area under the jumping mat should be uncovered at all times for safety purposes. This allows users to see if there is an object below the trampoline. Children may hide their toys under the trampoline, and if unseen can pose a potential danger. Unveiling items under the trampoline prevents unnecessary injuries.

Right size trampoline

Did you know that children under the age of 6 are at the highest risks of injuries? Now you know. This age group isn’t suited to use trampolines as they aren’t fully developed to control how they jump. To prevent such accidents, don’t allow your kid to use the full-sized trampoline until (s)he attains the right age. If they are really hooked up into trampolines, then there are mini trampolines designed specifically for them.

Land at the center of the trampoline

Landing at the center of the trampoline is important because by doing so, the chances of kids falling off become minimal. Landing at the edges makes the probability of the kids falling off to the ground high.

Take off any unnecessities near the trampoline

When the kids aren’t using the trampoline, remove any unnecessary object that may be lying around. This includes chairs, stools and ladders or anything that the kids use to climb up the trampoline. This assists in preventing unauthorized access to the trampoline by the younger kids.

Don’t use the trampoline under the influence of drugs

We couldn’t emphasize this more- drugs and alcohol impair your judgement. There have been many reports of children getting hurt when bouncing with adults who under the influence. So, avoid at all costs bouncing on the trampoline when under the influence.

Undergoing medical check-ups

It is important for your kids to undergo medical check-ups before using the trampoline. This should be done by a qualified doctor. They will examine whether the bones are strong enough to support the kid’s weight as they jump.  

And there you go. Our list of the trampoline safety rules end here. Always remember that weird injuries happen all the time and it is important that you stay alert even though these 17 trampoline safety rules should keep you safe and jumping.

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