Trampoline Buying Guide

Trampoline Buying Guide

If you thought that choosing the right trampoline was as easy as ABC, then you’re in for a rude shock. Well, it isn’t as difficult as rocket science, but it isn’t that easy too. You need to take your time, and consider some essential factors. Otherwise, you will end up going home with an unscrupulous product that will not even last you a month, and this is very disappointing. 

For this reason, we have gone out of our way to give you a trampoline buying guide. If you have no clue on where to start once you are at the trampoline store, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some essential factors that you need to consider when making your trampoline purchase. Read on!  

Settle for the Best Manufacturer

This might not sound like a thing to you, but it is very important. One thing that you should know is that the brand you settle for has a huge impact on the durability and overall quality of your trampoline. Therefore, have an intense research on some of the best trampoline brands that the market has. Read multiple reviews and navigate through online shopping sites in a bid to find the best manufacturers. Reviews are great, as they’ll tell you what the manufacturer has to offer with their product. The best manufacturers guarantee you top-notch quality.

Jumping Surface Area

Another crucial factor is deciding on the jumping surface area of your trampoline. The size of the trampoline to settle for is greatly decided by the amount of space you have at your place. You should be aware of where you will place your trampoline. Ask yourself on how big your garden is and the number of people who are going to use the trampoline. Having this information on your fingertip will resolve the issue of the size of the trampoline to go for.

Trampolines are normally available from a minimum of six feet to 16 feet maximum. The most common sizes, however, are 8, 12 and 15 feet. The higher the number of users, the bigger the trampoline should be. Also, if your garden isn’t that big, there is no harm in settling for a small trampoline. You will have equally fun moments.

Availability of Space

Apart from the actual size of your trampoline, the space around it is also important to put into consideration. Ensure that you have sufficient space around the trampoline. Do not underestimate the amount of space that the trampoline will consume, otherwise you will have a difficult hassle. 

You can always use a rope to measure the amount of space on the ground that the trampoline will consume. This gives you an idea of the amount of space that will be left. If the trampoline is to be used for outdoor use, you must ensure that the ground surface is a soft one. Hard surfaces are dangerous especially in case of the occurrence of an accident. The injuries can be fatal. 


You shouldn’t negotiate with safety when it comes to trampolines. How safe is the use of your trampoline? You must ask yourself this question. The good news is that modern trampolines are safer than the traditional ones. More caution has been taken by incorporating features which ensure maximum safety of the users. 

When purchasing a trampoline, ensure the following are present: rust-proof springs, strong and durable frames constructed using materials like galvanized steel, protective safety pads for the springs and finally net enclosures. Out of these, the safety pads and net enclosures are the most important for a safe jumping experience. These safety measures are put in place to ensure that you and your family are free from any potential risks of injury. You can now jump with confidence knowing that your safety is assured.  

UV- Resistance Property

UV- Resistance property is essential for trampolines that ill be used for outdoor purposes. Once your trampoline is placed outside, it is exposed to harsh weather conditions- hot sun, heavy downpour and strong winds among others. For this reason, it is wise to invest more into something worthwhile that is designed durable to endure all these challenges.

Modern trampolines come with UV-Resistant net enclosures together with UV Resistant net enclosures. These two protect your trampoline from harsh weather, and it will not show any signs of wearing or sagging even after being exposed to hot sun for prolonged periods. The colors are also protected from fading and your trampoline will remain beautiful even after long use. 

These trampolines are designed to take the hardest of beatings and any challenges that come along their way. They are durable and long lasting. Even after prolonged usage, they will hardly shoe any signs of wearing out. This is a remarkable stride made in the trampoline industry.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The warranty attached to your trampoline is also another essential factor to put into consideration. The warranty is normally provided to determine the overall longevity and quality of the product. The importance of the warranty is that it allows buyers to return the product incase some of the parts wear out before the promised time. Warranty is a safeguard to your investment. The longer the warranty the more durable the trampoline is. Different brands offer different warranties on their trampolines. Expensive trampolines come with the highest warranties as they offer enhanced protection from all the hazardous elements.


Sadly, we have come to the end of our trampoline buying guide. These are some of the factors that you need to consider when making your trampoline purchases. They are, however, a tip of the iceberg, as there are multiple other factors such as the availability of the replacement parts and presence of handle bars and net enclosures among others.

This trampoline buying guide will prevent you from buying a low-quality product that will not serve its purpose fully. These are the factors to consider to ensure that your trampoline is of the required standards and that guarantees your safety. So, the next time you’re at the trampoline store, these are the factors to consider. 

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