Sportspower Trampoline Review: ASTM Certified Models

Trampoline is something that’s enjoyed across all ages. Be a child or an adult, you’re never too old for jumping on a trampoline. Also, if you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape then get yourself a trampoline. You can bring back the fun childhood memories back while cutting down those extra fats.

The best part is, you don’t need to visit the park to have endless fun with a trampoline. You can get one for your home so that both the adults and children can enjoy quality time while burning some calories.

However, there are tons of trampoline accident cases are recorded every year and these accidents are quite a common scenario in the emergency room. Sportspower is one of the most reliable trampoline manufacturers in the market. They have a range of different products and this Sportspower trampoline review will help you pick your favorite one.

Top 4 Sportspower Trampoline:

Sportspower My First Trampoline
Sportspower Heavy Duty Trampoline
Sportspower 15-Feet Trampoline
Sportspower Almansor Trampoline Set

Sportspower Trampoline Reviews

Sportspower My First Trampoline

Sportspower My First Trampoline

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When you want to buy the best toddlers trampoline, safety, affordability, and durability are a few must consider points. The good thing about Sportspower My First Trampoline is that it offers all of these and much more. The company itself is known for making high-quality, innovative products, and this trampoline for beginners is one of the brand’s best products. Heavily padded, with enclosure net and low bottom, this hexagonal tramp is a healthy physical outlet for the little jumpers aged between 3 to 10 years.

My First Trampoline by Sportspower is designed considering a lot of factors such as bouncing space, more bounce, and total safety. Therefore, the frame is made with light-weight yet heavy-duty galvanized steel. It weighs nearly 60 pounds and is very stable. The tramp is hexagonal which also adds to its stability and offers more jumping space. The frame stands on 6 steel legs covered by light-weight plastic tubes. As the legs are very thick and square-like in shape, the trampoline stays in place despite lots of jumping and hitting to the net. Also, My First Trampoline has a lower center of gravity due to a low height from the ground. Thus, the structure helps is more hours of safe play with no twisting or twirling.

Sportspower My First Trampoline has a safety enclosure net to cover the entire frame. This means your child can enjoy jumping without bothering the bouncing onto the floor or outside the tramp. Moreover, the heavily padded frame firmly supports the net. And the zipper that locked from outside offers more safety. The netting is also UV-treated and does not stretch over time. With 360-degree netting, the visibility of the children inside the tramp is unrestricted, thus ensures the parents that the kids are safe inside.

The entire frame is heavily padded offering extra cushion and more comfort to your toddlers. From the jumping surface to the enclosure bars, no metal surface is exposed. This also enhances the stability of the tramp and ensures the children stay protected. Even the 36 springs that connect the mat to the frame are also covered by thick foam to avoid any accident. The covered springs also offer soft bouncing experience as the chances of any pinching are nearly zero. Though the padding material is durable and long-lasting, it is better to avoid long exposures to extreme heat.

American Section of the International Association for Testing Material has its own set of safety standards. Products that meet these ASTM standards are considered safe to use. And Sportspower products meet and exceed the standards. Thus, you can use them for your little ones without worry.

The total weight of Sportspower My FirstTrampoline is between 60-70 lbs. All the tools and parts come in a single large box and it needs at least 2 persons to assemble it. Since the instruction manual is not much detailed, you might find it a bit confusing at the beginning. However, a lot of videos are available online to guide you. For this item, the enclosure net and poles are compulsory to keep the entire unit together and safe for children to play. Once set up, the tramp can be lifted and move around. You can keep it indoor or outdoor.

    • Versatile and attractive design
    • Study construction
    • UV-resistant mesh enclosure
    • Safety stitching
    • Heavily padded poles, jumping surface and springs
    • Spacious interior
    • Rust-resistant galvanized frame and R-hooked springs
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM standards
    • The instruction manual is not very detailed
    • Difficult to assemble for the first time

Sportspower Heavy Duty Trampoline

Sportspower Heavy Duty Trampoline

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Expect your backyard space to have a fun and addictive addition to it with the Sportspower Heavy Duty Trampoline. It comes with many extraordinary features, including the new Steelflex enclosure technology, which allows you to enjoy a fun yet safe jumping experience.

This trampoline comes with a galvanized steel frame that is highly capable of resisting heavy-duty rust. The frame includes a patented T-Weld Leg design and foam outer edge. This set of features make up for an integrated design; hence, the reason why you’ll get extra support and stability from it.

It incorporates UV-treated netting and a jumps mat. They can assure you of long-lasting quality and protection. Speaking of the mat, it has a printed center target designed on top of it. It’ll help you determine the location of the safe center jump zone.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Steelflex enclosure technology is one of the best features it has in its arsenal. This technology will provide you with extra safety and give you unrestricted visibility of your children. It contains 96 springs. Thanks to these springs, you’ll be able to get a high bounce with a low impact landing.

Also, it features a water anchor set that encourages safe jumping and trampoline stability. Besides, you won’t have any problem setting it up as it’s easier to load the springs and the tools together.

    • -Durable construction
    • -360-degree enclosure
    • -Meets all of the safety standards of ASTM
    • -U-shaped legs for added stability
    • -Supports weight up to 250 pounds only
    • -Size is too large to accommodate in many yards

Sportspower 15-Feet Trampoline

Sportspower 15-Feet Trampoline

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The Sportspower 15-Feet Trampoline is one of the most impressive trampolines that could ever be found in the market. It’s an outdoor trampoline, meaning it’s constructed from weather-resistant materials; thereby capable of withstanding different weather.

This particular model is colored in a combination of black and green. The enclosure is made off of a black net while the paddings located over the springs are green. It features a frame that is made using galvanized steel so that it can hold out against heavy damages for a long time.

In fact, apart from the frame, every part of this trampoline, including the legs and poles, is also made using galvanized steel. Therefore, they’re perfectly capable of enduring the effects of high and low temperatures, rain, sun, and wind.  

The place where the legs and the joints are connected with each other is fortified with a special patented T-weld. They have the ability to upgrade the overall stability of the trampoline. Like the frame, the padding, the net, and the jumping mat, all are engineered from UV-resistant materials so that they don’t start wearing away due to long-term exposure to the sun.  

It’s designed in a round shape, which makes it great for families as round-shaped trampolines don’t offer high bounce. It’s indeed safe to use, yet that doesn’t mean your kids won’t need any supervision for using.

    • -Enclosure net with a zipper and a buckle
    • -Galvanized steel construction
    • -U-shaped legs and round in shape
    • -Comes with a padded frame
    • -Difficult to accommodate in most yards
    • -Supports average amount of weight

Sportspower Almansor Trampoline Set

Sportspower Almansor Trampoline Set

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The Sportspower Almansor Metal Swing, Slide, and Trampoline Set have earned widespread notoriety for their amazing ability to promote and offer fun exercises to kids and adults of all ages.

This magnificent set is an outdoor playset created for children consisting of 2 swing seats, 1 glider, 1 slide, and 1 mini-trampoline. All of these equipments can suit up to 6 children at once. With the 2 person glider, your children will be able to enjoy a multiplied fun experience.

The swing chains for the swing seats are adjustable. You can adjust them if you want to experience an optimal experience. The set is equipped with steel tubes and hardware. The steel tubes are engineered from heavy-duty, weather-resistant steel material. They’re 2 inches long.

On the other hand, the hardware has been finished with powder-coated paint so that it can provide superior stability to the children. Don’t worry about the ASTM safety standards, as it has exceeded all of them. It has an anchoring set as well. It’s added for providing maximum stability.

However, it doesn’t come with the set, so you need to get it separately from the store. Also, the components this set incorporates are pre-drilled for assembly. As a result, you won’t have a difficult time setting this with a pair of helping hands, let alone by yourself.  

    • -Pre-drilled components
    • -Adjustable swing chains
    • -Exceeds all ASTM standards
    • -Perfect for medium to large backyards
    • -Anchors don’t come included
    • -Some metal pieces aren’t formed completely

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sportspower Trampoline

We have evaluated the trampolines based on several criteria. You need to ensure the one you get is absolutely the best and it has all the features you need in your trampoline. There are several factors that you should consider before buying a Sportspower Trampoline. Let’s take a look.


Trampolines come in a variety of different types. Circular trampolines have an even spring distribution and they will pull you back to the center position. This type of trampoline is an excellent choice for backyard jumping.

On the other hand, octagonal trampolines provide more bounce but you have less control over it. However, they’re an outstanding choice for regular exercise. Rectangular trampoline are also known for their generous surface area and they’re


The size of the trampoline is a vital consideration while buying it. There’s no point buying a huge 15-foot trampoline for a kindergartener. You should pick the size of the trampoline based on the age and weight of the user to maximize its performance and usability.

Typically, the average size of the trampoline is about 12-foot and recently the 14-foot models have also got quite some popularity. Make sure there is ample space available around it so that you can place it safely.


Where do you plan to place the trampoline? Is it inside the house or outside? These are some common questions you should ask yourself before making the final purchase decision. Most trampolines are designed for the outdoors.

However, if you’re planning to set up the trampoline inside the house then you should take a note of the floor height to ensure you don’t accidentally hit your head or get injured. If you’re planning to get a mini trampoline then they’re good to be placed indoors. However, always check the bounce height before purchasing the trampoline.

Weight Limit

The trampoline needs to be sturdy enough to hold onto your weight. Make sure the trampoline has passed all the safety standards so that there are no mishaps or unfortunate events. It needs to hold around 5 times more than its static weight load. For example, if the trampoline has been rated with a weight limit of 200 then it needs to be able to hold u to 1000 kgs of static weight.

Assembly and Warranty

It will be super hectic and cumbersome if the trampoline has a difficult and time-consuming assembling process. Getting a trampoline with easy assembly is a bonus that you can enjoy along with the trampoline itself. Make sure you enquire about the assembly process before buying the trampoline. Many modern trampolines offer a super quick assembling process as they need only some push-on buttons without any need for any tool.

The warranty period tends to vary from one manufacture to another. You need to check with the manufacturer to ensure the warranty and services you will get from them. The standard is at least a 5-years warranty for the frame and it can vary depending on the manufacturer.

How Does Sportspower Compare to Other Brands?

Sportspower is hands down the finest trampoline manufacturers in the industry and they are one of a kind. Let’s compare Sportspower with high-end brands like Jump King and Skywalker to evaluate their performances.

After thorough research and information from hands-on users, we have come to the conclusion that Sportspower, Jump King, and Skywalker have quite similar features. However, some Jump King users complained about poor customer service from the brand. Also, few users noticed rusting when the trampoline came in contact with rainwater. Keep in mind that none of the Sportspower users have experienced such a thing.

On the other hand, Skywalker also has quite a strong fanbase in the trampoline industry. However, Sportspower trampolines are closer to the ground which makes them easier to climb to as compared to Skywaler. However, Skywalker trampolines come at a lower price point so if you’re on a tight budget then you can go for Skywalker.

Are Sportspower Trampolines Good?

Sportspower is one of the top trampoline manufacturers out there and they’re known for their impeccable range of products. Their trampolines are highly praised for outstanding durability and performance. When you’re buying a trampoline, you automatically plan to enjoy it for many years.

Rest assured, the Sportspower trampolines will serve you well and you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time. Their trampolines are constructed with highly sturdy galvanized steel that makes them highly durable and long-lasting.

They have a wide range of product selection that allows you to pick you the one that fits your needs the best. They have different products catered towards different ages and weight limits so that everyone can have a fun time on the trampoline.

Also, the safety features of the Sportspower trampoline are top of the line, and all their trampolines are made following the standard safety guidelines. Some of their trampolines feature removable enclosures that will enhance the net’s lifecycle. Also, the u-shaped legs on large-sized trampolines add extra safety and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are the Sportspower trampolines safe?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. The Sportspower trampolines have an ultra-durable frame that offers extra safety and stability. Also, the trampolines have UV-resistant mat and enclosure that protects the trampoline against wearing. This allows the users to safely bounce and enjoy the trampoline to the fullest.

Q. How will I assemble the trampoline?

Ans: All the Sportspower trampolines come with detailed assembly instructions. Make sure you thoroughly read the guidelines and take help from a professional if needed. You can also google for additional help or any video reference for the model you purchase. Remember that if you make any mistake then you might have to start from the beginning so it’s advised to give the instruction manual a thorough read before moving on to the assembly process.

Q. From where can I buy the replacement net or other accessories?

Ans: You can find the replacement net and all the essential accessories on Amazon.

Final Words:

There is no age barrier for enjoying some fun quality time on the trampoline. Sportspower is widely known for its high-quality trampolines and all 3 models that we chose are super sturdy and safe. This Sportspower trampoline review is designed to help you find your best match so that you can bounce care-free and have a great time with your family.

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