Pure Fun Trampoline Review

Why give your kid all those toys and gives where you can present them a trampoline? It is not only a great stuff to jump on and have fun but also one of the equipment to work out to be fit. 

Getting a pure fun trampoline for your kids will not only benefit them health-wise but also mental-wise since it refreshes the mind as well. That’s why this is a focus in our pure fun trampoline review. 

Now if you look for suggestion, we would tell you to check out this jumper from pure fun. You will find a lot of thumbs up from the users in each Pure fun trampoline review. 

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Pure Fun Trampoline Review

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy Pure Fun Trampoline:

  • Solid built.
  • Safety.
  • Bounciness for kids.

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Features of Pure Fun Trampoline:


Pure Fun Trampoline Design

The trampoline comes in round shape with a very simple design. It has been engineered with heavy-duty frame made of steel. You will have 35 inch tall bar with 42 inches handle that comes padded. So, anyone holding the handle will love to grip it for its comfort. Not just that, the handle also feels sturdy and firm to take advantage of.  However, the handle bar is not adjustable, but that should not be a concern. 

The jumping mat measures 48 inches diameter where you will get 36 inches of it to utilize. It has been made of polypropylene that makes the trampoline solid and durable. There will be galvanized steel springs that will help hold the mat in place.

Talking about springs, they will get a cover as well to wrap them either in blue or pink. The cover comes padded made of foam which offers convenience too. However, the only issue with the cover is that it does not stay in place and pops off the edges easily. 

Bouncing System:

We always try to talk about the bouncing system in our reviews and this pure fun trampoline review would be no different. The trampoline comes with spring oriented bouncing system as it has been mentioned. You will have 42 springs to assemble the mat and each comes 3.5 inches in size. 

The spring is durable enough to sustain superior bouncing. However, the stretchiness of the mat may play an important role to make the jumper bouncier, but the spring may feel a bit stiff. You may not find them springy enough. However, the big plus is that kids will get to enjoy stability. 

To add more, kids will also love its wider space to jump around. It will help them build stamina, improve balance, agility, flexibility as well as coordination. It can be a very fun trampoline to work out actually. 


A very big reason to have this Pure fun trampoline review is that it offer safety. Starting from its design to its certifications, this one factor has been ensured. 

Its safety bars are made ergonomic and safe to add security. The handle has been padded as well to serve the same purpose.

Not just that, the cover that is provided with spring has been padded too so the kids can feel safe jumping on the mat. The cushions will keep them from falling on to the springs and help safeguard against spring pinches and impacts. 

The trampoline has been boasted to meet all the standards of ASTM, CE and TUV/GS certifications just to offer safety by all means. 

Weight Capacity:

Another reason to come up with this review is that it can be a great medium for the kids to have fun and be active. The jumper has a weight capacity of 100 pounds which means, it is super ideal for kids especially to make the most use of it. 

Adults within the capacity can also give it a try, but they may not like the stiffness as per the reviews given by users. 


The trampoline does not need any tool to set it up which is a plus point. It comes with all the necessary parts that are needed to assemble it including the mat, handle rail, cover and so on.

However, it can take several hours to put the pieces together. As a result, it can be a pain in the back for you. 

    • It’s made of solid materials to make the trampoline durable.
    • Ideal for kids to work out and have fun.
    • It offers several health benefits to keep the health in the pink.
    • It does not require extra tool to assemble.
    • Cushioned handle for comfortable grip.
    • It comes with padded cover for springs to add safety. 
    • Spring is a bit stiff for adults to jump on the mat.
    • It takes a lot of time to set up, so it does not offer easy installation.
    • The cover does not stay in place as it pops off the edges easily.
    • The handle is not adjustable. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the trampoline for indoor or outdoor use?

A: The trampoline is best suited for indoor use. However, you can use it outside if you want. But it can decrease the lifespan of the trampoline. Make sure to move it during the monsoon since it can cause rust. 

Q: Is it possible to set the trampoline up without handrail?

A: The trampoline has been designed to be used with a handrail. However, you can assemble the trampoline without the part. But it has been highly recommended to use handle-rail for safety and stability. 

Q: What is the weight capacity?

A: The trampoline comes with 100 pounds weight capacity. It is stated to be ideal for kids to jump on and work out. However, adults weighing around or under the capacity can also use it since it can hold up very strongly. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the trampoline?

A: The trampoline has dimensions of 35 inches bar where 10.25 inches of it stands on the lower position; the handle is 42 inches in size while the surface comes in 48 inches diameter. 

Final Words:

We have tried to cover all the corners in this ‘Pure fun trampoline review’. The model has earned immense love from its users. Although, it has a few drawbacks but its advantages outshine them. So, we think Pure Fun Trampoline is able to be a great trampoline for your kids to utilize. 

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