ORCC Trampoline Reviews: The Newest Upgrade in 2021

If you are looking to purchase the right trampoline, there is no right or wrong answer to what could be the best option. After all, it all comes down to what meets your needs and works best for you. Trampolines are just an amazing way to remain active, burn some energy, and most importantly to enjoy yourself. Besides, it is a great way to improve some motor control abilities.

However, with the sheer number of trampolines available on the market, it might be a daunting and challenging task to find the best one, especially when it comes to the design, size, and price range.

That’s why, after doing a full inspection of the different trampolines reviews available on the market, we believe that ORCC Trampoline is one of the best options out there and the most loved one by both parents and kids.  Not to forget to mention, the quality and the performance of this trampoline speaks itself. Why? 

In this ORCC trampoline reviews, we will discover together the different features that make this trampoline stands out from the crowd. If you are interested to know more details about this trampoline, including the overall design, weight capacity, and bounce system, keep on reading.

We’ve talked about this trampoline here as well.

ORCC Trampoline Reviews

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy ORCC Trampoline:

  • Great design.
  • Safety.
  • Higher bounce with wider mat. 

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Features of ORCC Trampoline:


Users were found impressed with its design.

Its heavy duty-frame seems solid. It measures 1.66-inch diameter and 1.5-mm thickness and has been made up of steel material. The brand has followed hot-dip galvanized process to make the trampoline rust-resistant and definitely stronger than its rivals.

The jumping mat has used solid polypropylene material that offers durability, strength and UV protection. 

As for the springs, they come in 5.5-inch and have been galvanized as well to offer corrosion resistance. 

Plus, you will also get a blue foam pad made of PE + PVC material for the springs coming in 0.8-inch thickness. The poles also come padded with 10-mm thickness. 

The protective net adds fun but the quality is a disaster. 

Bounce System:

ORCC Trampoline Bounce System

The trampoline measures 10 feet diameter surface whereas the mat comes in 8.7 feet. The stretchiness of the mat although offers bounce but its springs upturn the level.

You will get a total of 60 pieces of springs for the trampoline that make it even bouncier than other trampolines. The material of the springs also deserves the credit. 

Since it is a high-bounce trampoline, it can help strengthen legs and knees, improve coordination, agility and balance by being a perfect source of exercise. Plus, the kids and the parents will love bouncing on it for more health benefits and fun. 

However, elders may find it a little bit stiffer as compared to the kids, but not a big deal. 


The padded cover for the springs play a great role in safety. Not only it keeps the kids from spring punches but also eliminates other hazards and risks. So, there is no chance of getting hurt.

Moreover, the number of springs that it comes with also helps make the trampoline safe other than offering bounce. 

To add more, the poles of the trampoline also ensures safety as it comes padded with a thick foam. As a result, they will keep the kids from banging against the hard pole.

The big plus is that it has approved TUV certifications making the safety higher than other competitors. Such certification refers to a comprehensive test of the trampoline’s structural design and its material’s chemical composition so that it can warrant all-over safety. 

This is one of the factors that triggered us to come with ORCC trampoline reviews.

Weight Capacity:

With its 8.7 feet jumping mat, the trampoline can bear the load of about 330 pounds. As a result, it makes an ideal choice for both the kids and the parents.

The parents gave it a big thumbs-up for enduring abuse without deteriorating the quality.

Installation and Parts:

ORCC Trampoline Ladder

Assembly can be a BIG PAIN for you. Seriously, users hated how it took several hours to put it together. 

However, the best thing is that it comes with all required parts that you will need for the trampoline besides the frame, mat, enclosure net, springs and spring pad.

You will get a ladder made of galvanized steel that albeit boasts to be solid but you may not like the quality. You will also get a rain cover. It will keep the trampoline from moderate rain and heavy dust. So, durability of the trampoline has been ensured again.

Besides, it includes U-shaped wind stakes, bolts, two pairs of gloves and 2 spring pull tools. 

However, you will also get an instruction manual but you may find it vague. 

    • The quality of frame and mat is solid enough to last long.
    • The Galvanized process makes the trampoline rust resistant. 
    • Stretchiness of mat and number of springs make it bouncier. 
    • Health benefits have been ensured.
    • Safety has been ensured with TUV certifications.
    • Padded spring cover and padded poles keep the kids from getting hurt.
    • Wider jumping surface and higher weight capacity.
    • It includes all the necessary parts with ladder and rain cover.
    • The enclosure net and bolts are not great in quality.
    • It takes several times to assemble the trampoline, and vague instruction coming with the trampoline does not help either. 
    • The quality and the size of the ladder can disappoint you. 
    • Some adults may find the mat a little stiffer, but, not a big concern. 

ORCC Trampoline Buyers Guide

A single trampoline will not suit for all playing or exercising needs. There are different types of trampoline with various features and sizes. If you consider the points mentioned below, you would be able to choose the right one for you.

What’s the Shape?  

Some shapes are better for some specific purposes while others are not. So have a look at which shape of ORCC trampoline serves you best.

  • Round

It’s the most common shape of trampoline you’d find. These are mostly suitable for personal use.

One amazing benefit of round trampoline is that it will push you towards the centre in the case you’re approaching the edge.

So, there is less chance of falling out.

  • Square

Like the round trampoline, the square ones also provide limited size and space. The advantage is, they cost comparatively less and require little space for storage.

  • Rectangular

These are very user-friendly trampolines with many amazing features.

Rectangular trampolines possess independent spring allowing you to jump at different spots. There is very little risk of falling. This shape is suitable for gymnasium, home, or any recreational spots.

  • Octagon

Trampolines of this shape also offer larger space for jumping for a more thrilling experience. Although these are a bit expensive, you will not regret getting one for the experience the provide.

How Much Weight Can It Bear?

Weight capacity is very important when it comes to safety issue.

It is not uncommon to hear of people tearing through trampolines. You should look for the trampoline that can bear the required weight.

The standard weight carrying capacity for children and adults should be at least about 150 and 375 pounds, respectively.

Frame and Springs Quality

Be sure that the springs are made from heavy-duty steel for ultimate durability. To prevent rapid rust and damage, the springs must be galvanized properly.

What Safety Means Does It Include?

Does the trampoline have a safety enclosure? It will save you from falling out on the ground. A trampoline pad is also necessary to make your jumping risk free.

Jumping Area

More jumping area will allow more than one people jumping at the same time smoothly.

Other Features You Can Consider

  • Trampoline light
  • Bounce boards
  • Ladders
  • Tents
  • Canopies

What Benefits Will You Get from ORCC Trampoline?

Jumping on trampoline can provide a lot of benefits. Here are some major ones.

Better Heart Health

Exercising on a trampoline will strengthen your heart muscles.

Your heart will pump blood more efficiently throughout the body ensuring proper nutrition and oxygen supply to every cell.

This will improve your overall health condition.

In turn, it will help to burn the cholesterol in your circulatory system protecting you from other heart disease.

Muscle Improvement

This amazing exercise engages your major muscles, and increases their size and strength. If you have kids in the house, regular play time on the trampoline will significantly improve their muscle strength.

Immunity Booster

Immune system is one of the most important mechanisms in our body. It produces lymphocytes, which fight against the harmful infections and thus, protects against diseases.

Jumping on the trampoline facilitates more lymphocyte production inside the body.

Safest Exercise

ORCC trampoline provides a safe form of exercise for different age groups from kinds to adults.

Some exercises may damage healthy joints but trampolines effectively absorb the exercise impacts like a cushion. So the risk of injury to ankle or knee is almost non-existent.

Bone Strengthening

Stronger bones are indications of your better physical health. G force experience with an ORCC trampoline will enhance bone density.

Moreover, it will help recover from small splits in the bones.

Stress Relief

Jumping on this device initiates the production and release of endorphins in your body which will make you feel relaxed and stress free. So, after hard days of work, several jumps on ORCC trampoline can be a good form of therapy.

Fun and Exercise

Exercise on Trampoline will not only burn calories but also give you a lot of joy. Regularly spending some time on a trampoline with your family.is a much better and healthier alternative to the digital screens.

Balanced Posture

When you’re jumping on an ORCC trampoline, you must actively engage different muscle to maintain your balance. This will develop a sense of balanced posture in your muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the net attach outside or inside the spring?

A: The netting has to be attached outside of the spring. It helps in adding a lot more space of around 1 foot inside the trampoline. As a result, it makes the trampoline roomier than several competitors. The kids will also be able to sit on the padded spring cover that has been designed at the outer edge of the mat. SO, there will be not issues with trampoline getting crowded. 

Q: Does the trampoline have to be staked to the ground?

A: No, it does not have to be staked to the ground. However, it banks on the wind. If there is heavy wind going on, then you may want to stake it so that the set-up of the trampoline does not get ruined. The trampoline includes horseshoe shaped stake that you can user over bottom supports. 

Final Words:

And that’s a wrap for our ORCC trampoline reviews. Trampoline is not only a great way to add fun to the workout but also helps strengthen bond between parents and kids. And it can also be one of the best gifts you can give to your little versions. So, if you are looking for one, then this model can make an ideal choice.  

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