Needak Rebounder Reviews

Trampolines are not only fun, but they’re also fantastic exercise tools. Trampoline exercise will help you maintain proper body posture, improve your motor skills, enhance your bone health, etc.

Did you know that a few minutes on the trampoline every day can do all this for you? Well, now you do. The list of benefits is quite long.

There’s a ton of reasons for buying a trampoline. The kids love it, adults love it, everyone loves it.   

One of the most famous names in the trampoline world is Needak. And this right here is one of the many Needak rebounder reviews you’ll find on the internet. These trampolines are worth all your bucks. Read till the end!

Top 3 Needak Rebounder

Needak Rebounder Platinum Edition Half Fold
Needak Soft Bounce Black Trampoline Folding Rebounder
Needak - Soft Bounce Platinum Nonfolding Rebounder

3 Needak Rebounder Reviews

We won’t complicate stuff and keep it simple with three of the best in the market so that you can quickly determine what to get for yourself without getting confused again.

Needak Rebounder Reviews

Needak Rebounder Platinum Edition Half Fold Soft Bounce

Needak Rebounder Platinum Edition Half Fold Soft Bounce

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We start our list with the platinum edition of this Needak soft-bounce rebounder. Its sturdy construction makes you feel secure with every jump and every landing. Let’s check out the other winning factors of this trampoline that give it the top position on our list.

Soft Bounce Springs

The soft-bounce springs can absorb about 85% of the impact from your jumps so that you land safely every time. This is a crucial factor to consider, as it literally can be the make or break point of your whole trampoline experience.

With these incredible springs at its hinges, this rebounder will throw you into the air with as much force as you imply on it.

Surface Area

Like most regular trampolines, this one has a circular jumping mat. You’d have to be a bit careful where you land because it’s not a giant trampoline so try not to get off-center.

Sturdy Build

You will be impressed by the overall quality of this trampoline’s construction. The frame is made with the heavy gauge 40 stainless steel that doesn’t give way to force or pressure.

It is of industrial standards, and you can instantly feel that when you inspect it. No matter how much you jump and hop about, these mats won’t you in danger.

Versatility of Use

This trampoline can be placed in the office, at home, or even in restaurants and shopping malls for commercial use. People of all ages can get bunny around on this unit. Kids might like it for fun, but adults have the double advantage of fun and exercise incorporated into one.


  • Very sturdy and stable body frame
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Beautifully playful blue color that encourages movement
  • Soft-bounce springs soak up 85% of the impact energy


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying bag even though the advert shows it

Needak Soft Bounce Black Trampoline Folding Rebounder with Stabalizing Bar

Needak Soft Bounce Black Trampoline Folding Rebounder with Stabalizing Bar

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This trampoline gives you a lot of room to enjoy yourself. The sturdy frame gives you confidence, and the stabilizing bar helps you ease into the feeling of being in the air when you’re just starting. Learn more about its features below.

Ample Space

This soft bounce Needak trampoline has a lot of room for you to feel free and happy on it.

The jumping mat has about 29 inches in circumference, a pretty decent amount of space for both kids and adults to enjoy themselves freely on the mat.

However, the total circumference, including the frame, measures about 40 inches. So make sure your space is big enough to accommodate it along with the clearance it requires.

Stabilizing Bar

This folding rebounder comes with a stabilizing bar. The bar will help you to maintain your balance as you jump up and down. This is particularly helpful for people who are new to trampolines.

Jumping on a trampoline looks incredibly fun but quite scary as well. So if you don’t feel confident enough to do the jumps unassisted, you can start by keeping a hold on these bars and slowly ease into it.

Frame Folds in Half

The sturdy frame of this trampoline can be folded in half. This is super convenient for carrying it to different locations. You can take it out with you on a camping trip in the meadows and unleash the kids on it to have a blast.

The folding is straightforward and doesn’t take much effort at all. You don’t need any other tool to make the fold, just use your body weight, and you’ll be able to fold your rebounder all on your own.


  • Has a large amount of space on the mat
  • Can be folded in half for easy transport
  • Made for kids and adults alike
  • Stabilizing bar makes beginners feel very comfortable on it
  • Sturdy frame with legs that are fitted with rubber caps  


  • None found

Needak – Soft Bounce Platinum Nonfolding Rebounder

Needak - Soft Bounce Platinum Nonfolding Rebounder

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This rebounder doesn’t feature a folding body. However, it has an incredibly sturdy frame of industrial quality. It’s equipped with an incredible mat featuring springs all around that efficiently soak up the impact force from your jumps. But there’s more to this trampoline; let’s take a closer look at it.

Impact Absorption

This trampoline comes with springs that are well made and properly fitted into the frame. Their primary purpose is to absorb the impact energy as you land. They do this quite well by absorbing 85% of the force, ensuring that you don’t have high energy impacts on the mat, as that could be detrimental to your health.

Sturdy Construction

This trampoline has incredible construction. It’s built with sturdiness and designed to last. The trampoline is circular, and the material used to make it is American steel. Its frame is quite thick, and so are the legs.

The legs have rubber caps on them, which keep the trampoline bolted right in its place without any wobbles. Due to the frame, this trampoline can hold up to 300 pounds.

Stabilizing Bar

This trampoline comes with a stabilizing bar as well. The bar helps you to hold yourself up as you get on the bouncy mat. If you’re new to this, then this bar will be of excellent guidance to you. It will help you line your body correctly to help you understand how to fix your posture as you land.


  • Made of American steel
  • Can take up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Has a sturdy frame and sturdy legs that hold it up
  • Comes with a stabilizing bar that provides extra guidance
  • Springs are well adjusted around the circumference
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Absorbs 85% of the impact force as you land


  • Cannot be folded in half
  • The legs cannot be folded for storage either

Needak Rebounder Buyers Guide

You don’t want to risk buying a bad trampoline. Can you imagine what could go wrong? Well, let’s talk about the crucial factors here.

Shape and Size

Trampolines come in various shapes and sizes. When you’re buying one, take both of these into account to determine what you should buy.

You need to keep a lateral clearance of 1.5 m on all sides. From the ground, the minimum clearance should be about 6 meters. With these measurements in mind, set out to find the right size and shape of trampoline for your space.


The frame of a trampoline is its skeleton. Without a solid structure, your trampoline won’t hold up for long.

Galvanized steel is the perfect material for a trampoline’s frame. This is because galvanized steel is solid, sturdy, and up to 100 times more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel. It’s also highly sustainable and incredibly robust.


There are trampolines with springs, and then there are those without springs.

If you decide to get a trampoline with springs, you have to choose between high-tension springs or low-tension springs.

High-tension springs will give you a firm net (taut landing) but little bounce.

Low-tension springs will give you a softer landing and high bounce.

Choose what you need based on your preference.

On the other hand, trampolines that don’t have springs get their bounce from fiberglass rods. They differ by the same classification as springy trampolines, but their point of advantage is that they don’t expose you to the risk of sharp edges like a springy trampoline can.

Safety Net

Safety nets are essential. They are not a requirement but an absolute necessity. A safety net can save you from the injuries that come to your head when you think about the things that could go wrong on a trampoline.

These things are most commonly made with soft polyethylene of very high quality.

If your trampoline of choice doesn’t have a safety net installation, make sure that it has a bottom attachment. Then you can go ahead, buy a sealing attachment for installation later.  

Soft Padding

Your trampoline should have some pads installed along its perimeter. This will save you from a few problems – your fingers, hair, toes won’t get pulled into the springs or get grazed by the sharp bits of the spring. And it will also cushion you from pain if you accidentally lose your balance and hit the steel frame.

How to Fold a Needak Rebounder?

There are often instructions about how to open up the trampoline and set it up. However, not much is said about folding it back into its compact form. So, here we talk about that.

Step 1: Remove the Jumping Mat  

You don’t want the cover to get tears because it will make the trampoline unusable until another cover is bought. So be careful to ensure that it’s safe from the grips of the hinges.

Step 2: Turn the Rebounder Over

Flip the whole trampoline over so that the legs are pointing up and the flat part is lying over the ground. Now you have to start pulling each of the legs up so that it goes over the platform where you can pin it down and stretch it towards the center of the cover.

Now extend the spring on the leg so that tube slips up over the pin of the platform.

Step 3: Pull the Hinges

There are two hinges. Look at the perimeter of the cover circle. There are two perimeter lines. Do you see them?

Now go over to the top of the mat. Then place your knee on a portion of the mat that meets the frame. Hold this part down with your knee, make sure that your fingers are away from the hinges of the rebounder.

Afterward, take your hand, reach out to the edge of the frame that is furthest from you, and hold the mat down like that.

Step 4: Make the Fold While Balancing Your Body Weight

Start to pull the frame towards you by pulling the side up that you’ve been holding. Be sure to have complete control over yourself while you do this – maintain your balance well.

Keep pulling until the fold forms a 90-degree angle. Then start to slowly shift your weight back to the other knee and keep pulling the frame towards the other side of the mat. In the meantime, begin to edge your knee away from the mat slowly.

Once the fold is complete, close it and snap it tightly shut. That’s it; you’re done!

Step 5: Take It Away

Now put that compact, folded trampoline in your carrying bag and take it with you wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should you hop on a trampoline as a daily exercise?

If you’re on a mini-trampoline, a good beneficial workout should last for 15-20 minutes. And if you’re on a rebounder, then you should start with smaller exercises and gradually build up from there.

Generally, go 10 minutes on the trampoline/rebounder if you want to lose weight.

2. Walking versus jumping on a trampoline, which is more effective?

Both are effective in the same measure. The difference is that running will make you tired very soon, but trampoline exercises are so fun that you won’t feel tired.

3. What is the difference between a trampoline and a rebounder?

Trampolines are larger, and they are used for acrobatic exercises. Rebounders are usually smaller in size; they are compact and used for aerobic exercises.

4. How many calories can rebounding burn?

A 10-minute session will burn about 1000 calories per hour. This is equal to the number of calories you burn from a 30-minute jog.

5. Are stability bars helpful?

If you have problems stabilizing your body, you may take help from the stability bar to focus on other aspects of the rebounding exercise. But if you’re trying to build a good balance in your posture, the stability bar will get in your way.

6. How to properly end a trampoline exercise?

After you land your last jump, stay rooted in that exact spot, wait for the mat to slow down bouncing, then walk/crawl to the edge, sit on the edge and then slide off.  

7. What is the proper outfit for a trampoline workout?

First of all, don’t wear any dangling jewelry. Wear fitted clothes; nothing loose should be worn on the trampoline. Wear comfortable fabric, nothing fancy.

8. Why is rebounding an effective exercise?

It is effective because of the g-force created on your body when you jump up on the mat and go against gravity. This g-force makes all the muscles in your body taut and helps you tone up the entire body.

Final Words

We LOVE trampolines. They are fun and amazing for sure. But they are also good for your physical health, and they’re incredibly beneficial for your mental health. We hope these Needak rebounder reviews have helped you decide which one you want. Alright, so here we peace out.

Enjoy jumping around, but don’t break your head!

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