JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

Choosing that perfect Trampoline from Jumpking wasn’t easy. This giant makes top notch trampolines and you can’t just decide which one to go for and which one to leave.

However. after spending more than 48+ hours, I’ve found 5 great trampolines that stand out completely compared to the rest. If you’re someone who wants to grab a trampoline right away, this write-up on JumpKing trampoline reviews will help you up.

High-end features like padded frame, steel construction, UV protection system and great weight lifting capacity, these trampolines have got everything you’d expect from a perfect go-to product.

So why wait? It’s time to hit the reviews.

Top 5 JumpKing Trampoline

JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline
JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline
JumpKing 15' Bounce N' Dunk Trampoline
JumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline
JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

Let’s move forward to read the reviews of JumpKing trampoline, which is loaded with 5 products. Go and check them all right now!

JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

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Jumping might be a bit risky, especially if you don’t have the right trampoline. But if you have the Rectangular Trampoline from JumpKing, You can let your little ones jump smoothly and safely. Thanks to its effective net closure.

The second thing I’ve found impressive is the top-notch galvanized steel frame it comes with. That’s more durable than the traditional models, way stronger, and of course, rust-resistant.

Not only the frames, but the 7” springs are well-equipped with galvanized steel as well, supporting the jumping surface in the best way possible.

Speaking of the space, the area of 140 sq. ft. seems perfect to me, especially for kids. It has enough capacity to hold more than 4 kids at once since it comes in a total of 220lbs capacity.

Your kids are always safe inside of the polypropylene trampoline; the enclosure system along with the mesh netting comes in handy!

For more convenience, the maker of this model has added double doorways with buckles and zippers, enabling your child to exit or enter with ease and quick.

Team JumpKing is highly concerned about your kids’ safety, that’s why they have included padded poles and frames here, for which jumpers can keep themselves safe from exposed metal or sharp objects.

The 10 x 14-foot trampoline is out of hassle when it comes to installation, the effective top rail system (G3) deserves the whole credit! And needless to say, it’s an amazing trampoline for your small to mid-sized backyards.


  • Galvanized steel maximizes durability
  • Net closure and padded frame increases safety
  • Offers two doorways for easy exit and entry
  • 140 sq. ft. of space and can take more than 200lbs
  • Hassle-free installation due to the top rail system (G3)


  • I’ve found nothing!


Durability, safety, efficiency; JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline has all the good qualities you need for your little ones. The installation process is going to be easy-peasy as well!

JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline

JumpKing 10 Foot Outdoor Trampoline

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Although it seems slightly smaller than my previous pick, I’m pretty sure this will be enough for your 5 years + kid. And I personally loved the square-shaped design.

Despite being a little smaller, it’s easily able to take more than 150lbs weight. And the trampoline gives you a total jumping space of about 78 sq. feet. Talking about the frame, it comes in a size of around 10 feet.

To maximize the safety of your kids, the manufacturer includes a specific net closure, high-quality mesh netting, and of course, the padded frames are helpful to keep your child away from sharp objects.

What about installation? Well, it’ll be much easier, and at the same time, less time-consuming. By following the maker’s guide as well as watching some online tutorials, I hope you can do it yourself.

Although the trampoline equips dual doorways instead of one for quick and easy entry, the zipper sometimes fails to work appropriately.

Besides, it might break if you don’t use it with proper care. But overall, the trampoline is awesome!


  • Top rail system (G3) makes it easy to install
  • Offers 78 sq. ft. jumping space for your kids (5 years +)
  • Top-quality mesh netting with padded foam for safety
  • Square-shaped design makes it ideal for gymnasts also


  • The zipper fails to work at times!


In order to increase the safety of your children, the JumpKing Outdoor Trampoline features mesh netting along with padded poles and foams. Besides, the top rail system makes the installation a breeze! 

JumpKing 15′ Bounce N’ Dunk Trampoline

JumpKing 15' Bounce N' Dunk Trampoline

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Right now, I want to show you a round-shaped trampoline of JumpKing, which is durable, safe to use, and has ample space for your kids!

Without a doubt, JumpKing has earned a great value for offering a specific enclosure system, and guess what? This model has got it as well. There is a curved door with a clip-lock and zipper system for easy access and exit.

The wow factor? Both the polyethylene net and polypropylene jumping mat (12 foot) are UV protected, ensuring the best safety of your kids.

Also, the maker has claimed that they strictly follow the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, meaning the trampoline is tested by experts.

The jumping surface isn’t only safe, but also much stronger. Here, the manufacturer has added 5.5” galvanized steel springs to increase more stability. They’re rust-resistant too.

When it comes to the steel frames, they’re equipped with T-connectors for offering a lot of support so that children can jump without any risks.

And there will be no extra movement at all due to its six-leg design. Yep, it’ll aid in minimizing frame movements as much as possible.

The unique part? You’re getting an extra basketball, hoop, and pump additionally. Interesting eh?


  • Galvanized steel frames and springs for durability
  • T-connectors offers a lot of support and stability
  • The mat and net are UV protected for children safety
  • Less movement occurs due to its 6-leg design
  • Offers basketball, pump, and hoop additionally


  • Installation takes a little more time!


Jumpers will get a lot of support and stability since the JumpKing 15′ Bounce N’ Dunk Trampoline provides t-connectors with 5.5” galvanized steel springs. Also, for your child’s safety, both mat and net are UV protected!

JumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline

JumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline

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JumpKing JK3866GN is designed for those who have space issues. So if there is no specific place to install trampolines, feel free to get this one, a suitable choice for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Despite being small, it has the ability to take up to 110lbs easily. But keep in mind, the weight shouldn’t cross 110lbs as the frame can’t bear extremely heavy loads.

But that doesn’t mean the jumping surface is weaker! It’s made of top-quality polypropylene for durability. And for your kid’s safety, it is UV protected.

But unfortunately, there is no extra enclosure system included, meaning it won’t be the safest trampoline for your kids.

The maker didn’t forget to include handle-bars. Yep, you’ll find two bars (foam padded) with specific covers, for which your child can maintain as much stability as possible while jumping.

High-quality galvanized steel springs (3.5”) with a combination of T-connectors will surely increase the bounce so that your kid can burn off extra energy through jumping.

Coming in an oval size, the extra 4 legs (U-shaped) play an essential role in decreasing frame movement. And last but not least, the range of price is fair enough, which is why it isn’t going to hurt your wallet!


  • UV protected mat for your child’s safety
  • Suits indoors and outdoors due to the compact design
  • Features two handle-bars (foam-padded) for stability
  • 4 U-shaped legs minimize the rate of movement


  • Unable to take heavy loads due to its poor weight capacity!
  • Not the safest one since there is no extra enclosure included!


The compact shape, double handle bars, and cute appearance make the JumpKing Mini Oval Trampoline ideal for youngsters! And the unique part is, it can be placed anywhere you want, including indoors and outdoors. 

JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

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If you want to install a trampoline in your small-sized yard, get this one from JumpKing. Even though it looks kind of bigger, it isn’t going to eat up a lot of space in your backyards, trust me!

This rectangular-shaped trampoline has got a jumping surface that’s manufactured with 100% polypropylene, increasing bounce and a lot of fun.

Don’t worry about safety; team JumpKing features high-quality netting made of polyethylene. Plus, the rust-resistant galvanized steel makes it stronger.

Even it makes this trampoline strongly capable of taking 200lbs. So, let the children burn off some extra calories in their own way! For easy exit and access, they’ll find a specific door here.

As for stability, JumpKing includes 4 W-shaped legs which are quite sturdier and even better than the typical ones. And of course, they’re able to decrease the rate of unnecessary movement, for which your little one can jump without any risk and disturbance.

Speaking of the zipper, it sometimes won’t stay zipped. So you may have to spend some extras on buying an additional zipper!


  • W-shaped legs (4 pieces) enhance the stability of the trampoline
  • Won’t break even after taking a total of 200 pounds of weight
  • Polypropylene mat is durable and it increases bouncing for more fun
  • Take a short space to install because of the compact design


  • The zipper can’t stay zipped!


Smaller isn’t always weaker, and JumpKing 7 x 10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline is the right example of it. It gets 4 durable legs, a steel frame, and a weight capacity of up to 200lbs.

Guidelines for Understanding JumpKing Trampoline Reviews

JumpKing trampoline offers several shapes, styles, sizes, and different ranges of prices. So if you don’t know what makes this trampoline stand out from the crowd and what you need to look for, it can be a bit challenging for you to buy the best one!

So here, I’ve incorporated numerous things given below. Check them out:

Overall Construction

Most of the JumpKing trampolines are well-equipped with durable construction. Their springs, poles, frames, T-sockets, and legs are constructed with rust-resistant galvanized steel, maximizing longevity.

On account of the sturdiness, the Jumpking trampoline is more able to deal with heavyweights.

When it comes to the jumping surface, most of the mats are UV protected, and they offer maximum bouncing possible.

Even I’ve found the enclosure net also effective, especially for safety purposes. It plays a significant role in protecting your children from falling off.

Net poles are entirely covered with foam, giving extra protection in case your kid accidentally stuck into the pole.

In order to ease your exit and entry, the zippered doorway will get you covered! And all these things mentioned above can make a perfect JumpKing trampoline for you and your little one.

Shape and Size

You already know that JumpKing trampolines are so popular because of their numerous shape and size options. And it’s pretty simple to get the actual size by learning the way of measuring it. In this case, a few online tutorials are available to help you out.

Choosing the square-shaped trampoline will be a wise decision if you’re a gymnast. The rectangular one will be pretty much effective as well.

Besides, acrobats and kids should look for something oval or round-shaped tramp to get the maximum benefit from it.

When it comes to sizes, you should choose a specific one depending on the space of your backyard. If space is an issue, go with a mini-sized trampoline for your kid.

Unique Features and Accessories

Undoubtedly, JumpKing tramps are well-equipped with some of the unique and best accessories, including springs pad, safety net, UV protected mat, sturdy legs, and so on.

A couple of models include a ladder for easy climbing. More interestingly, you can find some exceptional models which provide basketball kits additionally!

Price Range

The price range of JumpKing trampolines isn’t the same; some are reasonable, others might cost a small fortune!

However, compared to other models available brands in the marketplace, JumpKing toys are more affordable. Yep, it’s possible to stay within your budget even if you want to get a high-end trampoline.

ASTM Standard

Before you spend some cash on a trampoline, it’s necessary to check the safety standard. Thankfully, most of the JumpKing toys are packed with the latest “American Society for Testing and Materials” (ASTM) standard to make sure the product you’re getting is both durable and safe to use.

So, I can guarantee that your little child can feel much safer using a JumpKing trampoline.  

Instructions of Assembly

You’ll be happy to know that most of the trampolines of this brand use a top rail system, making the whole installation process as easy as pie. Unlike the typical brands, it offers basic instructions of assembly along with the complete package.

Feel free to click here to check the JumpKing tramp installation guideline and everything.

It’s pretty common to spend extra dollars on assembling a trampoline, especially if you don’t know how to do it properly. But if you think you’re able to do it, that’s great! DO IT YOURSELF!

My personal suggestion is to watch some online tutorials to learn and get the job done all by yourself.

Positive Feedback of Customers

Needless to say, almost 80% of JumpKing trampolines have earned four-star ratings under the five from some of the authentic customers. That’s because of their top-notch quality and unique features.

Even I’ve recently found a comment of a customer who wrote – “Seemed like I was flying! JumpKing is so bouncy and durable, I just love it!”

A lot more positive feedback from customers can be found online!

How Good Are JumpKing Trampolines

You already have got a lot of information about JumpKing trampolines, right? Now let me show you how good it actually is! 


One thing you are getting sure of from this trampoline brand is the excellent quality. 

It won’t be a bad decision to blindly rely on the body or frame of this trampoline. Ask me why? Because the majority of the manufacturers include galvanized steel to make the trampolines.

Fortunately, galvanizing steel protects the trampoline from rust and corrosion. Since the steel has a strong zinc coating on the top, there’s no chance of having any kind of rust issues within the next four decades. Plus, the material can make the product durable and long-lasting.


JumpKing trampolines are designed with premium quality to ensure they bounce pretty well. The engineering is done with proper skill, keeping in mind that the bounce won’t harm anyone, and yes, kids can have an excellent experience!

The bounce will make them feel like they’re in Disneyland or a holiday park!

Jokes apart, the high-quality flexible springs are liable to increase the bounce of a JumpKing trampoline.


A good trampoline should have the ability to bear heavy loads. If it fails to do that, then serious accidents might occur and people can get injured, especially kids.

Luckily, most of the JumpKing trampoline models are able to take heavyweights, offering excellent stability and support. That’s why my first choice has always been JumpKing when it comes to choosing the safest one!

Variety of Models

If you’re very choosy about anything, then you can trust this brand. Why? Because with this brand, you’re getting tons of variations and models to choose from.

Furthermore, many manufacturers allow you to customize your own trampoline. Also, there are different shapes, sizes, colors, accessories, and features to meet your tastes.

Hassle-free Installation

Manufacturers and engineers pay special attention to the safety factors of JumpKing toys. For a safe flight, you have to install the trampoline according to the guidelines provided by the makers.

These days, many people have issues with the installation. But don’t worry at all, there are some super-easy installing techniques you may found online tutorial videos. Feel free to watch them and learn the way of assembling a trampoline.


Finally, people who are concerned about the price can put a smile on their faces. Almost everyone can get a trampoline from JumpKing without breaking the bank!

Although some trampolines of JumpKing cost a bit high, it’s 100% possible to get a budget-friendly model which is loaded with durability, stability, and adequate safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose “JumpKing trampoline” instead of other brands?

Well, JumpKing trampolines have all the unique qualities and features you need in order to take the jumping experience to a whole new level! It’s durable, it’s comparatively affordable, and yes, it’s the safest choice for every kid, which is why everyone should rely on this particular brand. 

Is it safe jumping for all ages of people?

Well, it depends on the product. You may find a number of models with certain age limits, and others can be user-friendly for all kinds of people.

Here’s a tip for you – whenever you’re planning to get a trampoline from JumpKing, be sure to check the label out or simply ask the shopkeeper for the age limit.

What’s the average height of a JumpKing trampoline?

In general, you’ll find JumpKing trampolines over 3-feet taller from the ground. It’s designed in such a way so that kids can reach there without much effort. Although some models are a bit taller, I’ve shown you the average height that’s ideal for almost everyone.

Are trampolines affordable?

It highly depends on the brand and model you want to choose. When it comes to JumpKing, many people can afford to buy it pretty easily. The best thing about this brand is, it offers tons of unique features, durability, and safety at a very fair price.

Can I find replacement parts?

Indeed, the spare parts of the trampoline are widely available in the market. Parts like bungee, springs, rods, extranets and surround padding are usually easy to find at any local trampoline shop.

Also, you can replace it all by yourself or if you want to stay away from getting your hands dirty, feel free to call for an expert.

What type of accessories do I need?

Large nets, covers, and ladders are some of the essential accessories that you’ll get for your trampoline, especially if you’re purchasing it for your little one. He/she needs adequate safety while jumping. So having such things are really important.

You can read the instructions to assemble them or take assistance from your friend. It’s totally up to you.

Final Verdict

The list of my JumpKing trampoline reviews was short enough. I tried my level best to show you only the best and most popular models of this brand, for which you can get the most durable, reliable, and safest one without much effort.

Still confused? Make sure to pick up the Rectangular Trampoline from JumpKing, which is durable, easy to install, and able to take more than 200 pounds of weight with ease.

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