How to Jump on a Trampoline

how to jump on a trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline can be fun. But if you repeat the same procedure over and over again, every day, it can get pretty boring. Good news for you, there are numerous tricks that you can learn to spice up your trampoline moments. 

There are a few basic tricks that are easy to perform and other advanced tricks that will need time to master. Familiarize yourself with these tricks to make your trampoline moments as fun and enjoyable as possible. If you’re looking on how to jump on a trampoline, you‘re at the right place. 

Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is a basic trick that is done by bringing the knees to the chest as you jump. This is probably the first trick that you need to learn when using a trampoline. After jumping, while you’re in the air, pull the knees up to your chest. Do this as you grab them with your hands. When landing, release the knees as you straighten up your legs. This trick is aimed at giving you more time in the air and is pairable with other tricks.

Straddle Jump

Another trick is the straddle jump, where you make a V shape using your legs. To do this, you need to stretch your arms between your legs when you’re still in the air. Basically, you will be doing a mid-air split. When you start to come down, bring your legs together towards the trampoline for the landing. This is a great trick as it helps work out your muscles and control your mid-jump.

Pike Jump

The pike jump enables you to form an ‘L’ shape using your body mid-jump. To perform it, you need to use your abs and pull your legs forward when you are at the peak of your jump. Ensure that they are straight perpendicular to your torso. Reach out for your toes by stretching out your arms in front. Release your ‘L’ shape as you land and return to your normal position. This move is aimed at strengthening your core. Try to do as many spike jumps as you can in a row.

Half Twist

To perform the half twist, you need to spin your body and face the opposite direction. The first thing will be to place an object behind you to focus on like a tree or a house. Once in the air, you’ll need to twist your body then lock sight with the object. Focus more on your landing without falling to the ground. Avoid using your arms to twist the body, but rather use your core. 

When performing this trick, you need to place your arms either above your head or at your sides. This trick may seem simple, but maintaining your balance is rather difficult than it seems. Completing the half twist might be difficult for you, and if this is the case, you can try out a quarter twist as you build up slowly on learning the half twist. It takes practice and eventually you will learn it.

Full Twist

Completing the full twist requires you to perform a 360 degrees spin. This trick entails jumping as high as you can and spinning your body on one full turn. The first step entails picking an object in front of you and focusing on it as you land. When you turn and face it, you will have completed one full turn. Place your arms down at your sides or above your head. Use your core to propel your turn. 

Remember, the higher you jump, the higher the number of jumps you can do. Jumping high enables you to do up to two full twists simultaneously. 

Front Pullover

This is an advance trick and requires a little bit more energy. The trick entails doing a front flip and landing on your back. Ensure that your legs are curved up towards your chest when you land instead of having them extend straight in front. This enables you to continue doing flips and bouncing back for as long as you wish and can.

It is recommended that you have a spotter when you start performing the advance tricks. They are helpful in assisting you to learn how to jump on a trampoline properly and also help you when you get hurt.

Back Pullover

The back-pullover entails jumping, landing and flipping backwards. Just like the front pullover, this one is also an advanced trick and requires more energy and concentration to perform it. It is also advisable that you have a spotter by you. 

To perform this trick, you need to place your legs towards your chest, curled up rather than having them extended. Use the momentum you get from the bounce after landing to propel you so that you may land on your feet. Using your hands, gently push yourself up and stand till you are comfortable with the movements. 

You will have to master the front pullover before proceeding on to the back pullover. This one is harder to pull off, no doubt about that. 

Front Spring

This trick entails jumping forward onto the hands and flipping frontwards. When performing this trick, you have to set yourself as if you are performing the high board. The momentum of the bounce should propel your legs and body. Return to your standing position by landing on your feet. 

This trick feels more like performing a handstand and flipping over. It is advisable to start this trick while at the side of the trampoline rather than the middle. Also, ensure that you have a safety net in place for safety purposes in case of the occurrence of an accident.

You can watch the video here.


There you have it- now we know you know how to jump on a trampoline or at least have the idea. These tricks aren’t that difficult, and after sufficient practice, you’ll be good. Ensure that you have a spotter by you when performing the advance tricks for guidance and assistance in case something doesn’t happen right. 

Also, your trampoline should be installed with a safety net for precautionary purposes. Bouncing on a trampoline can never be any better once you learn how to do these tricks.

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