Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Whether you want to make sure that the family members don’t have to go outside for fun and gaming activities during this pandemic situation, or the trampoline is only for recreational purposes, your decision deserves a lot of appreciation.

But, as it has to do with jumping and stuff, you gotta make sure the unit is durable, made with quality materials, and it’s safe to jump on.

Trampolines with a basketball hoop will take more jumps than any standard trampolines. So, getting the best trampoline with a basketball hoop is a must regardless of your budget and preferences.

After checking dozens of trampolines, I found these 8 that provide the most exciting experience, have durable construction, and are pretty safe to jump, even for kids.

Who Should Get This?

This has to do with the purpose of jumping on a trampoline. Typically, kids and teenagers are fond of trampolines. But, adults may also join them during family recreational times.

If you are allowing the kids to play on the trampoline, make sure they are over 6 years old. Anyone under this age shouldn’t be on the jumping mat for the sake of physical well-being.

Teenagers can also engage themselves in this outdoor fun exercise. It will strengthen their bone density as well as their muscles.

Adults can also jump on a trampoline if the weight limit allows. Even multiple adults are okay on the jumping mat if the total weight of the jumpers is less than the max weight capacity of the unit.

Out Top 8 Picks

The list includes both gymnastic trampolines for adults and small-sized ones for kids. No matter which one you are looking for, you will find it right here.

Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline
Springfree Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
SONGMICS 15FT Trampoline
Merax 12ft/14ft Trampoline
ORCC Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
Lovely Snail 5Ft. Trampoline
Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline
AMGYM 16ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop
Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

8 Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline

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Among all trampoline manufacturers, Skywalker probably has the most number of units of different sizes and shapes. Their trampolines surely get the best value for the bucks if you compare them with other brands. This 15 ft. trampoline is one of their best-selling products and one with the most bounce as well.

Skywalker has used quality materials and followed safe engineering to manufacture this trampoline. The frames are made of durable alloy steel to make sure the entire construction is stable even when multiple kids jump on it at once.

Also, its 6 ft. high enclosure net is more than enough to keep jumpers protected inside. The net is made of quality material to make sure it doesn’t tear even when a jumper partially falls on it.

To get you a great bouncing experience, the manufacturer used 96 6.5 inches springs around the enclosure. For a 15 ft. trampoline, 96 springs are more than enough for more enjoyable jumps. Kids, as well as adults, can spend quality fun time jumping and playing basketball too.

Now, let’s talk about the basketball hoop. It’s made of soft material to make sure jumpers don’t get hurt conducting it. You can easily install the hoop and remove it whenever you want. Even your kiddo will be able to do this as well.

For safety, Skywalker designed the spring mechanism outside the enclosure net to make sure jumpers don’t accidentally fall on the springs. Also, there are no openings and pinch points from which the jumpers can get hurt while spending quality time on it.


  • Great bouncing experience for kids and teenagers
  • Steel materials are rust-resistant and galvanized to make them weather-proof
  • Safe enclosure and spring area design to protect the jumpers
  • High enclosure net perfectly protects the kids
  • Very stable base even when multiple kids jump on it


  • Padding on the spring is thin
  • Enclosure zipper is too high for kids

Final Verdict

The weight limit for this unit is 200 pounds, and ASTM assures you of that. If it’s for kids, multiple kids can jump on it at a time. But don’t allow multiple adults jumping on it whatsoever. However, you can lay down with your kid on its surface and look at stars.

Springfree Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Springfree Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

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This trampoline here is a result of 15 years of research and development just to make sure it eliminates all trampoline-related injuries. And they did it exceedingly well. Their innovative springless jumping mechanism is much safer than other trampolines and provides better bounce than most expensive models out there.

You can get this trampoline in 4 different sizes. The one I’m reviewing is the 13 ft. size, which is the largest one.

This 13 ft. comes with a 92 square ft. jumping surface, which is more than enough for jumping and playing basketball. At a time, multiple kids can jump on it. You can also participate once in a while, but not on a regular basis. Adults are only recommended to jump on it individually.

Around the jumping surface, there are composite rods that eliminate the chances of getting hurt by openings and pinches. No matter how many times your kids fall on the rods, these will always be easy on their sensitive joints and knees.

Also, the springless bouncing mechanism further ensures safety for kids and adults. Although these aren’t spring, the durability is uncompromised, almost. You can rest assured about your kids jumping on this trampoline for hours safely.

The basketball system is a softly made one. In addition to jumping, this hoop will further enhance the quality outdoor fun time of your kids.

There is a ladder for kids to enter the trampoline safely and comfortably.

Installation requires two people to do the task easily. It will take hours. Be sure to read the instruction manuals and tutorial videos to do it correctly and faster.

The overall size of this trampoline doesn’t take much space. If you have a small backyard, this unit should easily fit while leaving space around it for easy movement.


  • Safest jumping trampoline you can get for the price
  • More bounce than most expensive models
  • Durable materials to make sure it withstands the force of adults
  • Soft and easy to mount basketball hoop with a basketball
  • A safety ladder to easily enter onto the jumping surface
  • Enough specious even for an adult to jump


  • Expensive compared to others on the list
  • Poor quality bottom zipper

Final Verdict

Considering safety and great bouncing experience, this trampoline stands out to be the best on the list. If you can spend that much on a trampoline, it would be worth every penny.

SONGMICS 15FT Trampoline

SONGMICS 15FT Trampoline

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Compared to the previously reviewed 15-foot trampoline, this one offers more weight limits; thus, more kids can enjoy their fun jumping time on it. Also, you can join them as per as the overall weight limit doesn’t exceed.

The entire construction, including the parts, accessories, and materials, is approved by ASTM and GS. So, regarding the safety issue, you can rely on this unit for your kids.

This trampoline stands on 6 W-shaped legs with 12 contact points to make it stable even with intensive jumps. Thanks to its fully galvanized steel frame construction, it adds more durability to the entire construction.

Songmics used 108 heavy-duty galvanized springs to deliver the best possible bouncing experience. While testing in real life, the jumping mat is pretty bouncy whether it’s for a single person or multiple ones jumping on it.

However, the center area of the mat seems less bouncy than the corner areas. The surface mat is made with durable and high-quality material and was tested for 5000 hours according to the manufacturer.

These springs are padded to make sure there’s no opening and pointy things that can injure the jumpers. The safety pad is made of waterproof and UV-resistant material.

Around the jumping mat, there is a mesh enclosure net that does an excellent job of protecting the kids from falling. But, the quality of the enclosure net doesn’t seem to last more than 2 years if you use the unit on a regular basis.

The basketball hoop adds more excitement to the playtime. But, it can injure someone if he/she directly bounces under it. Thus, be sure to either turn the hoop around or put foam on it.

We have a detailed review of this Songmics trampoline as well.


  • Quality bouncing mat is safe for multiple kids to jump
  • Ideal trampoline for doing exercise for adults
  • More springs to make sure the jumpers get enjoyable bounce every time
  • Safety enclosure net prevents falling from the trampoline
  • Galvanized steel to make sure weather doesn’t cause harm to the construction


  • U shaped anchors don’t seem to hold well against big storm
  • Enclosure net material isn’t that good

Final Verdict

This trampoline is more than perfect for kids and adults. The certification from ASTM makes it worthwhile considering.

Merax 12ft/14ft Trampoline

Merax 12ft/14ft Trampoline

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If your priory is only for the kids and teenagers, and adults will occasionally jump on the trampoline, then this 14 ft. unit can be the right pick at this price point. Even though the price is a bit low, you won’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to safety.

There’s a 12 ft. variant of the same trampoline. But, I would highly recommend you to get the larger one as you will be expecting it to last at least 2-3 years. Within that time, your kiddo will grow bigger.

The overall construction is made using high gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel. To make the base stable, it got 6 pieces of W-shaped legs with 12 contact points. The trampoline won’t shake even if 3-4 kids jump on it at the same time.

Around the enclosure net, there’re 5 padded poles to make sure the enclosure is attached to something durable. The enclosure is capable enough to take force from kids as well as teenagers. You can rest assured that the kiddo won’t fall out of the unit.

Talking about its bounce, there are 72 galvanized springs to get your kids the desired bounce on the mat. For kids, 72 springs still sound good enough. The quality of the spring is beyond questioning.

But the D ring that’s between the mat and spring isn’t of good quality, and a number of customers complain about these rings. If you notice the bounce isn’t as before or find the D ring loses its shape, be sure to contact the manufacturer to send the replacement parts.

The basketball hoop is a great addition to jumping. Your kids will spend more fun time hooping.

With a weight limit of 330 lbs, multiple kids and teenagers are okay to jump on it at once.

When it comes to putting the trampoline together, it will take a considerable period of time. So, be patient regarding the installation part.


  • Made of quality steel materials to make it withstand heavy loads and impacts
  • 72 galvanized springs deliver decent bounce for kids
  • UV-proof enclosure net and jumping surface enhances longevity
  • Great stable base holds firmly even during storm
  • 330 lbs. weight capacity, 3-4 kids can jump on it at a time


  • D ring attached to the spring isn’t of good quality
  • Not ideal for adults to jump on it

Final Verdict

You will get what you will be paying for it. At this price point, this deal is worth considering for great outdoor fun activities for your kids.

ORCC Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

ORCC Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

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When it comes to family outdoor sports and games, kids and teenagers want their parents to join them. The same family enjoyment and fun time you can get from this ORCC trampoline. It’s a 15 ft. unit, which is the right size for family sports. However, there are smaller models of the same design and features.

Keeping safety as the primary concern, ORCC has made this trampoline using durable and safe materials. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel to withstand loads and forces from both adults and kids. U-shaped legs are of galvanized steel to make sure there’s no water damage to the material.

To keep the kids and other jumpers safe inside the trampoline, the surrounding got an enclosure netting made of PE mesh material. The netting is 6.5 ft. high and capable of preventing jumpers from falling off the jumping surface.

ORCC used 7 inches 108 pieces of quality springs to provide a great bouncing experience. Both kids and adults can have great fun jumping on the mat. The bounce is quite similar to some of the expensive models in the market.

To get the kids more fun, it features a basketball hoop. Jumpers can jump and basket, which keeps them into their high gear of motor activity.

Now, talking about the bad things, the base cannot withstand big storms. You may consider using heavier anchors to tackle this problem. However, even if the storm picks it up and throws it out of the backyard, there won’t be any damage or minor issues with the trampoline itself whatsoever.

Another issue that might bother you is its weaving enclosure net. It really feels disturbing in windy situations.

You can take a look at our detailed review of ORCC Trampoline.


  • 400 lbs. weight limit allows adults and kids to have fun on it
  • Large number of bigger springs make the trampoline bouncing great
  • Safe design for kids with enclosure net and zero gaps between mat and springs
  • Water resistant, durable jumping surface
  • Comes with a ladder to make climbing onto the trampoline easier for kids


  • Base it’s that stable considering big storms
  • Enclosure net isn’t heavy, thus it weaves a lot
  • Expensive option

Final Verdict

For its bounce, large spacious jumping surface, and high weight capacity, this one really stands out against others on the list. If your budget isn’t an issue, you won’t regret buying the unit.

Lovely Snail 5Ft. Trampoline

Lovely Snail 5Ft. Trampoline

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This one is for kids only, which you can also keep inside the house if the playing room is large enough. Its 5 ft. jumping surface is large enough for two kids under 10 years of age to jump together. Also, the trampoline is made with keeping the safety measurements in mind, so it’s absolutely safe for your kids.

Its heavy-duty steel frame construction makes it withstand up to 220 lbs without any issues. With 6 galvanized W-shaped legs, the entire structure stays stable during jumping sessions. Even if your floors have tiles, they won’t slip when the kid is jumping on them.

To make sure your apple of eyes doesn’t fall from the unit while playing, it got a zipper enclosure system for safety. Always make sure the zipper is closed when he/she is jumping inside.

Lovely Snail used galvanized quality springs to make it provide superior bouncing performance for the kids. Regardless of the weather elements, the springs won’t get rusted whatsoever. To protect the kids from springs, the manufacturer used thick and soft protective padding. And there’s a very little gap between the springs and mat.

The durability is further ensured with its waterproof and UV-resistant jumping mat. It even got 8-thread durable sewing quality, which won’t take any damage from the jumping force from kids at all.

This unit also comes with a basketball hoop. But it’s a flimsy one. If little force is applied, it can break apart. Be careful when you install it.


  • Enough jumping space for 2 kids at a time
  • Durable steel frame holds up to 220 lbs of weight
  • Quality zipper enclosure system protects from fall off trampoline
  • Thick padding on the springs hides openings and pointy things
  • Doesn’t take much space, can be placed inside a room


  • Flimsy basketball hoop
  • Not easy to assemble

Final Verdict

For an indoor fun time, your kids will be highly cheered up and entertained with this unit. Be sure to let them play under your supervision.

Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline

Exacme Outdoor Round Trampoline

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Trampolines with basketball hoops seem to be careless about the hoop itself. There are poorly made hoops even though people are paying way more for the trampoline. If you need a sturdy and well-built basketball hoop, don’t look for anything else.

Exacme ships the trampoline with a basketball hoop with 31.9×22.8 inches rectangular backboard, so the ball stays inside the trampoline. It’s more than just a toy hoop for those who want to practice shooting the ball into the hoop.

Apart from that, the 15 and 16 ft. models come with 108 pieces 7 inches of springs to make sure there’s no compromise when it comes to bouncing on the jumping mat. With up to 335 lbs. of the weight limit, multiple kids can jump on it and dunk a basketball, or an adult with a kid can enjoy a quality family fun time.

To make it safe for kids, the springs are covered with 0.6 inches thick foam. There’s not a chance for the kids to come into contact with springs even if they fall on the protective padding.

As for the safety enclosure net, the manufacturer used high-density PE netting that will never let your kids fall from the trampoline when the zipper is closed.

To withstand jumps, impacts, and forces, it got a thick waterproof, fade-resistant, and UV-resistant jumping mat. It’s sewing in 8 layers to make sure you don’t have to see wear and tear during the product’s lifetime.

The base of this trampoline is quite stable. Apart from its W-shaped legs, they used double-quick clamps on each leg to make it more stable so that big storms cannot pick the structure and throw it away.

We have a detailed article of Exacme Trampoline.


  • Extremely stable base can even withstand heavy storms
  • Quality basketball hoop with large backboard
  • Large 108 pieces of springs deliver the utmost bouncing ability
  • Thick protective padding on springs to eliminate injuries
  • High-density enclosure net to keep jumpers inside
  • Durable galvanized steel frame and springs


  • Poor installation instructions

Final Verdict

As I have said earlier, this trampoline is for those who need a quality basketball hoop to get close to real experience. Your kids can surely practice their dunking skills. The overall construction and bounce are safe and satisfying at the same time.

AMGYM 16ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

AMGYM 16ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

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If any of the above trampolines didn’t meet your requirements, I hope this trampoline for adults as well as kids will get you to the final decision. Being a 16 ft. unit, it’s one of the largest trampolines on the list.

For the bounce, the trampoline got 108 long springs, which results in a great bouncing experience. When it comes to adult jumpers, you cannot compromise with the bounce. AMGYM seems to understand this fact and makes sure customers cannot complain about the bounce.

You can show off your hoop skills on this trampoline as it features a slam dunk basketball hoop. However, the quality of the basketball hoop doesn’t seem good. Try not to put much pressure or practice dunking with it.

As a safety enclosure, it got a 72 inches high netting system surrounding the trampoline. Whether it’s an adult or kid, the enclosure won’t let anyone fall off the jumping surface.

Springs are the most common reason for trampoline injuries. To make sure your kids are safe from such mishaps from happening, this trampoline got 14mm thick EPE foam protective padding on the springs. There’s zero chance for the jumpers to get in contact with the springs.

Conventional and cheaply made trampolines shake when someone heavy-weight jumps or multiple people jump on the jumping mat. But, this is something that you won’t experience jumping on it. The trampoline has 6 pieces of U-shaped galvanized legs to get the stability for unlimited jumping fun.

The entire structure is mostly made of a galvanized steel frame. The frame, along with durable springs and legs, allows it to take up to 440 lbs of maximum weight. So, there won’t be an issue if multiple adults play basketball on it.


  • 108 galvanized springs allows great bouncing fun
  • Durable and stable structure for adult jumpers
  • 440 lbs weight capacity allows multiple kids or adults to jump on it
  • Thick protective padding, strong enclosure net for safety measurement
  • Large jumping surface for playing basketball and other fun activities


  • Poor quality dunk basketball hoop
  • Time-consuming to put this thing together

Final Verdict

I would highly recommend this trampoline if you plan to jump and play basketball on it with your kids. Even multiple teenagers will be fine jumping on it.

Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoops: Buying Guide

Trampolines are pretty expensive. What’s more is that if you end up buying a poor quality unit, it can cause serious injury to the jumpers. Therefore, I have made a list of things that you must keep in mind while looking for a trampoline to make sure the one you will be getting is durable and safe for jumpers.


The first and foremost thing is to decide which size you want to buy. Trampolines are available in 8 to 16 ft. sizes. Picking the right size requires you to consider some other factors such as is it for kids or adults, how many jumpers will be on the jumping surface at a time, your backyard size, etc.

If you only have one kid, a 8 to 10 ft. trampoline will be more than enough. Kids less than 7 years of age will be fine jumping on a 8 ft. unit.

Mini trampolines of 5-6 ft. sizes are suitable for an indoor playground. If you plan to get a trampoline in the play area of your toddler or kid, this is the size you should look for.

However, if he/she will have friends to come over and play on it, make sure the size is large enough for two kids at once.

For family funtime where an adult will join the kids on the trampoline, you will need a larger trampoline for this case. A 14 to 16 ft. trampoline is recommended so that there’s no compromise while spending some quality time with your kids.

If you are getting this trampoline also for multiple adults to jump on and hoop basketball, go for the largest one. A 16 ft. trampoline is required for such cases.


This is what determines the bouncing performance of your trampoline. Different trampolines come with springs of different sizes and numbers. Ideally, larger ones have longer and more springs for the sake of bouncing.

Trampolines with 80-90 springs are good enough for kids and teenagers. These trampolines will be 10-14 inches in size.

For more bounce, you need to make sure the unit has at least 90 springs. A 14 ft. unit with 90 springs will be able to produce decent bounce.

96-110 springs come with 16 ft. trampolines. These are the best in terms of bouncing performance. If there will be 2 or more jumpers on the jumping mat at a time, you should get any of these trampolines.

Apart from the number of springs, the spring size also matters when it comes to the bouncing ability of the trampoline.

Most average to large size trampolines have 6.5 inches springs, which are able to produce enjoyable bounce.

However, the most bouncy ones will have 7 inches springs. These are ideal for adults and gymnastics purposes.

Jumping Weight Limit

The max weight limit is determined by trampoline size, number of springs, and frame and legs construction.

How many individuals will be able to jump on the mat at a time also depends on it.

For toddlers and kids, a trampoline with 200 lbs of max weight capacity will be enough. If there will be multiple jumpers on the mat, calculate their total weight, and see if it’s less than the max limit.

When it comes to teenagers or grown up young individuals, 300+ lbs weight limit trampolines will be perfect.

If the trampoline is only for adults, be sure to look for a unit with a max weight limit of more or less 400 lbs.

Again, be sure to check if the total weight limit is way more than the number of jumpers on the jumping surface. Pushing the limit to its max capacity will influence the overall durability of the trampoline.

Jumping Mat

This is the component that will take all the jumping impacts and forces. Therefore, the mat has to be sturdy enough. Pretty much all trampoline jumping mats are made of polypropylene. This material is quite sturdy, and can withstand heavy impact and pressure.

Where you need to focus is the stitching and sewing quality of the mat. Most durable ones come with up to 7 layers of sewing and stitching to make sure the edges don’t wear and tear.

As the trampoline will be in your backyard, the mat has to be waterproof and UV-resistant. Otherwise, it will take damage soon and fade its color.

The size of the jumping mat is actually the size of the trampoline itself. That being said, 12 ft. mat will have enough space for 2 or 3 people to jump confidently. Larger mats can accommodate more individuals as per the max weight limit allows.

Materials Quality

Apart from features and bouncing quality, you will also need to pay close attention to the materials that the trampoline is made of.

The durability and sturdiness of trampolines depend on its frame. Heavy duty galvanized steel made frames are well-capable of strengthening the entire structure even if it’s an adult trampoline. The jumpers can confidently make high endurance jumps with great enjoyment.

Along with the frame, be sure to check the poles as well. Poles are mostly made of steel too. But, the padding on the poles is really crucial for the safety of the trampoline. Thick and soft padding will make sure no one gets hurt while conducting the poles.

Legs stand for stability. Trampolines with both W and U-shape legs are most commonly found. These legs should be made of quality steel material, and also have galvanized coating on them to further durability.

Connects in between the legs and frame made of reinforced metal will make sure the structure doesn’t get twisted due to high intensive jumping.

All the steel and metal components and parts should have galvanized coating to make them rust and weather-resistant.


If kids will mostly jump on the trampoline, make sure the structure isn’t at too high a position. Small and medium sized trampolines are close to the ground, and easy to claim for kids.

Larger trampolines are high, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But a trampoline with a ladder will make it easier for kids to claim, and step onto the jumping mat.

Safety Features

This is the prime concern of customers when they want to buy a trampoline for their kids. Not all the trampolines are safe to jump on. There are a few safety measurements which assure safety in any trampoline.

Enclosure Net

The netting system prevents jumpers from falling off the jumping mat accidentally. Sometimes jumpers go crazy, and they come near the edge, and fall from the mat. Having a durable and densier enclosure netting system will make sure nothing happens like this.

Also, the net must have a durable and easy to open and close zipper system for the jumpers to enter. Accidents occur when the zipper isn’t close, and the jumper directly falls on the enclosure net.

No-Gap between Enclosure and Jumping Mat

If there is little gap between the enclosure net and jumping mat, the jumpers can get injured by the openings and pinch points.

Some trampolines cover the springs using thick protective padding, which is a much safer option to keep the jumpers away from the springs.

Important Features of the Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop

While looking for trampolines with a basketball hoop, I didn’t find too many units with quality hoops. If you want this extra feature for kids, there’s nothing to be worried about. But, for teenagers and adults, you must make sure the basketball hoop is a quality one.

Whether you want to buy a trampoline with a quality basketball hoop or an aftermarket one separately, the following aspects will help you to determine the quality of the hoop.

Basketball Hoop Material

As jumpers will jump while playing with the hoop, if the material is sharp or strong, this can cause injuries. To prevent this, the basketball hoop should be made of a soft material. But, it shouldn’t be flimsy.

To tackle outdoor weather, the material must be UV protected and waterproof.

Completely Detachable

There will be times when the jumping mat has to welcome 3 or more jumpers at a time. For such an intensive jumping session, you can remove the basketball hoop if it’s a fully detachable one. There will be no chances of getting injured, and the jumpers can full-on jump on the mat.


Aftermarket basketball hoops may not fit to your trampoline’s pole. Most hoops can fit up to 1.5 inches thick poles. If the poles of your trampoline are thicker, make sure the hoop can fit onto it.


Most trampolines have curve poles, which isn’t an issue for aftermarket basketball hoops. But, if your unit has arch poles, you will need to check whether your desired hoop is compatible with the poles or not. Some versatile hoops can be attached to both pole types. You can get any of those.


It would be quite frustrating to leave the trampoline to get the basketball when your target misses the basket. To get rid of such inconvenience, look for one that comes with a backboard and airball protection net.

Extra Accessories

With a basketball hoop, you will also get one or two basketballs. Some deals come with a pump as well. The extra accessories will get you a good playing experience.

Some manufacturers even provide extra hoops as well. But, the extras might increase the price of the package. It’s up to your preference and budget.

Which Trampoline with a Basketball Hoop Would I Choose?

The requirements for a trampoline won’t be the same for everyone. You might want a unit for your under 10 kids. Whereas, some parents need one for their teenagers.

Needless to say, adults also purchase trampolines, which has to be different in some aspects that would make a unit ideal for adults for jumping on it.

Regardless of your preference and requirements, the following information will help you to understand exactly what type of trampoline will serve your purpose the best.


If you search trampoline images, you will find these playing equipment are of different shapes. Each shape has a specific purpose to serve.

Round trampolines are the most commonly found. Due to the round shape, these units offer a relatively small jumping surface, and takes less space in the backyard as well. Also, if you compare a round trampoline with a trampoline of any other shape of the same size, the round one will cost much less.

Rectangular shaped trampolines are the best for gymnastic purposes. In terms of bounce, these are the most enjoyable ones. For the added bounce, you will have to pay more to get any of these units.

Square trampolines are ideal for general purposes. The bounce is similar to the round ones. Due to the square shape, the stability is much better than a round trampoline.

Yard Size

Consider the size of your yard or the place you will install the trampoline. There should be enough space around the trampoline for people to easily walk by. You shouldn’t try to fit a huge-sized trampoline in a small backyard.

Similarly, if you are getting a mini trampoline for an indoor playground, make sure the playground or your toddler’s room has enough space for it. Kids walk recklessly, and therefore, there should be plenty of space around the trampoline to make sure it doesn’t cause any injury to your kiddo.

Spring or Springless

Trampolines are widely available with the spring bouncing mechanism. If there is any gap between the enclosure and springs, or there’s no protective padding on the springs, injury can occur. Although some manufacturers use padding on the springs, the material doesn’t seem to provide much protection.

If you will be going for a spring trampoline, be sure to check the gap and padding on the springs. More springs will get you a great bouncing experience. Also, larger springs deliver enjoyable bounce.

Springless trampolines are the safest ones available. There’s no chance of getting injured due to the spring thing, as there is none. These trampolines use rope and elastic to bounce the jumping surface. The bounce is also quite satisfactory, and even more than some higher-end spring trampolines.

Keep in mind that the added safety in springless ones cost much higher than spring ones.

Jumper’s Age and Weight

Smaller trampolines are for kids, and most units allow multiple kids to jump at a time on the jumping surface. Mini trampolines will only accommodate a single kid or toddler on its mat due the low weight limit, and relatively weaker construction.

12-14 ft. size trampolines are considered as medium sized trampolines. These are for both kids, teenagers, and adults. Multiple jumpers of different ages can jump on these units as per the weight limit permits.

Larger ones come in 15-16 ft. sizes. These are for adults; be it for family funtime or gymnastics. Some of the higher capacity trampolines can even accommodate 2 adults with 2 kids at a time.

Benefits of Top-Rated Trampoline Basketball Hoop

If you are not sure what benefits the jumpers will get from a trampoline apart from jumping, then this section is for you. Trampolines benefit people of different ages in numerous way, and here are some of the most beneficial ones –

Less Screen-time for Kids

If you are struggling to reduce screen time usage of your kids and teenagers, introducing a trampoline can be a great way to engage themselves in outdoor activities. You will find kids spending more time on the jumping mat.

Improves Motor Skills

For kids, jumping on trampolines is one of the best ways to improve their motor skills significantly. As jumping involves knees, ankles, toes, moreover the entire leg to move a lot, this strengthens both the legs.  

Increases Blood Circulation

After swimming, jumping causes more blood circulation than any other sports activities. Jumping on a trampoline twice a day will significantly increase the blood flow all over the body, treat all physical issues that have to do with the circulation.

Improves Bone Density

Needless to say, jumping activity entirely depends on the bone of the lower part of our body. When someone jumps many times, the overall bone density improves. The bones get stronger, and can endure more physically stressful tasks than someone who doesn’t jump on a regular basis.

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Along with running, jumping is an effective cardiovascular exercise. Compared to running and swimming, it’s more fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t even feel that you are exercising, which is one of the unique things about jumping on a trampoline.

Increases Muscle Strength

Jumping requires leg and lower back muscles to move a lot. When muscles do such intensive exercise frequently, it strengthens the muscle faster than other highly intensive exercise.


Does jumping on a trampoline hurt your brain?

As jumping on a trampoline engages the body to repetitive jumping, kids under 6 cannot handle the impact. This can cause spine and brain injuries for kids under 6 years.

Is trampoline safe for kids?

If the trampoline has thick protective padding on the springs, padded poles, and high density enclosure netting system, then it’s safe for kids above 6 years to play on a trampoline.

What age should a child use a trampoline?

Physicians don’t encourage kids under 6 years to play on trampolines. Thus, if your kid is above 6, you can buy him/her a safe and well-constructed trampoline.

Which trampoline basketball hoop should I get?

To limitless fun, go for a trampoline that comes with a basketball hoop with a large backboard. It will prevent missed attempts to take the basketball outside of the trampoline.

Why do I get a headache when I jump on a trampoline?

When muscles in the neck move a lot, it can cause headaches. If you are new to jumping on a trampoline, it’s normal. Be sure not to do anything intensive on the trampoline soon.

Final Words

This ends the entire article. If you have made this far, you must have already found the best trampoline with basketball hoop that meets all your requirements and preferences.

Be sure to check if the trampoline meets safety measurements or have certification from ASTM for being safe to use playing equipment or not. Always allow kids to jump on the trampoline under an adult’s supervision.

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