7 Best Springfree Trampoline Reviews

As you are looking for a spring-free trampoline, I bet you take safety as the prime concern for your kids and family.

Their products are made after 15 years of intensive research and development. Still, it would be wise to know every detail about the best Springfree trampoline for your needs.

I have reviewed plenty of trampolines so far, close to 50. It is what made me able to differentiate a quality one from average models.

Considering the safety, materials quality, bounce, and size, these are the best ones that you can rely on.

Which Springfree Trampoline Is the Best?

Springfree 10 ft. Medium Round

Springfree 10 ft Medium Round Trampoline

For those who have no time to read all the reviews and want a quick recommendation to meet all the requirements, I will recommend the Springfree 10 ft Medium Round Trampoline unit.

I have picked this model because of its spacious jumping surface, which can accommodate multiple jumpers. As an adult, you can even join your kids on the jumping mat and have quality family time.

Yet, the entire unit seems pretty compact and will fit nicely in a medium-sized yard. There will be no issue for the people to move freely around the trampoline.

Also, the bounce is quite satisfactory on this model. The flexible rods underneath the jumping mat manage to deliver great bounce whether the jumper is a kid or an adult.

You won’t have to be worried about the safety of your kids. There is no pinchy point and hard opening whatsoever. The jumpers can jump confidently on the mat.

For safety, the trampoline features a 9 ft. high enclosure net. It’s sturdy and durable to withstand the impact and force even from adults. Make sure you close the zipper when the jumpers are inside the enclosure.

The frame is made of durable, high-quality steel frame, which you can count on regarding durability and stability on the trampoline. Big storms won’t be able to throw it away on the side of the yard.

Compared to the square-shaped model of the same size, this one is less expensive. So, from a price perspective, it’s a more cost-efficient option.


  • Great bounce even with a single jumper on the jumping mat
  • Stable base and durable frame make it ideal for adult jumpers
  • Spacious jumping mat while maintaining a compact form factor
  • High enclosure net withstands force from adults and pushes back on the trampoline
  • Cost-efficient compared to square shape trampolines


  • Difficult to put things together

Short Verdict

This model meets the sweet spot between size and price for most jumping requirements for kids, teenagers, and adults. If you don’t want to spend on a highly-priced trampoline, this can be the right pick for the money.

Best Springfree Trampoline

Best Springfree Trampoline Reviews

The list includes trampolines of different sizes and shapes to meet different requirements of jumpers of all ages.

Springfree 8 ft. Compact Round Trampoline

Springfree 8 ft. Compact Round Trampoline

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The first one on the list is solely for kids and teenagers. Whether you have a couple of kids in the house and you want a reliable trampoline to allow them to bounce each one at a time, this one is the right pick for such a need.

Its 54 sq. ft. jumping surface is large enough for a single person, be it a kid or a teenager.

However, the max weight capacity is 1300 lbs; it’s not that multiple jumpers should be allowed to jump on it at once. But, you can, of course, lay down or sit on the mat with your kids without any issue.

This trampoline features flexible mat rods for limitless fun, which isn’t an exception to other trampolines from Springfree.

Compared to conventional spring trampolines, this one produces more bounce. If your kids have jumped on other trampolines of their friends, they will surely experience a significant difference in bounce.

The enclosure height is about 7.6 ft., which is higher than the size of regular trampolines. No matter how high the jumper jumps, the enclosure got him/her protected inside.

Springfree’s patented FlexiNet is durable enough to take the load of a single individual and prevent from getting outside of the unit.

You can count on its sturdy, durable, and safety engineering for your kids. The frame is high enough for any toddler to get conduct. Springfree has used quality metal to build the frame that can even take the forces of adult jumpers.


  • Incredibly sturdy and safe construction for kids
  • Great bouncing experience even with a single jumper
  • The stable frame doesn’t shake during intensive jumpings
  • Sturdy yet soft enclosure net to protect the jumpers from falls
  • The height is perfect even for an adult to safely jump on it


  • Difficult to put the things together
  • Multiple teenagers aren’t allowed to jump at a time

Short Verdict

For your toddlers, kids, and teenagers, this trampoline unit fits perfectly to safety and budget.

This is the least expensive one from Springfree. The max weight capacity allows multiple jumpers at once. Your kids will enjoy every moment of jumping on it.

Springfree 10 ft. Medium Round

Springfree 10 ft. Medium Round

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If you purchase expensive things for long time usage, this can be the ideal size to go with. Trampolines last about 3-5 years without any issues.

If an 8 ft. trampoline is the right size for your kids, after 2 years, you will need a larger one. You can buy this one instead of finding a replacement when they are grown up.

The mat offers a jumping area of 79 sq. ft. Teenagers can easily jump on it without worrying about the max weight capacity. I mean, multiple teenagers have fun on the mat at a time.

So, yeah, an adult can jump on it too. For family backyard quality time, this size is perfect.

There are more spaces on this trampoline than just for jumping. Your kids can also spend hours playing games, reading books, snuggling with blankets, and whatnot on its surface.

Because of the larger diameter of the jumping surface, it has more flexible mat rods to deliver you more bounce.

The springless design eliminates all chances of getting injured as there are no pinch points whatsoever. It reduces your stress when the kids are on the jumping mat.

The frame is a larger one too, and it’s more durable. Even when multiple jumpers are on the mat, the base stays exceptionally stable.

If you don’t have several hours to spend with great patience, I recommend you get it installed by someone else. You can ask your friends to come, buy some pizzas, and get help from them.


  • Great bouncing experience with multiple jumpers on the mat
  • Durable and sturdy construction for adults
  • Higher enclosure net with poles for utmost safety
  • Large jumping mat accommodates multiple jumpers with ease
  • The highly stable base doesn’t shake at all during intensive jumpings


  • Installation increases the overall expenditure
  • Poor installation instruction

Short Verdict

The largest one is excessively priced, whereas the smaller unit might not fit two persons properly. If you want something in between, this medium-sized model is worth considering the deal.

Springfree 13 ft. Jumbo Round Trampoline

Springfree 13 ft. Jumbo Round Trampoline

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When the trampoline is also for adults to regularly jump on, you gotta make sure it’s exceptionally well-built, sturdy, and provides better bounce. For these reasons, I suggest you go with the 13 ft. model.

As it’s the larger size, it costs more than the smaller ones, but trust me, it will be worth spending every penny when you start getting the benefits of jumping on a trampoline as an adult. Additionally, you can have a lot of fun with your kids inside the enclosure at a time.

The durable metal frame is much bigger on this model. It promises a sturdier build as well as a more stable base. You can stay worry-free on the jumping surface with your kids and teenagers as the total weight capacity of this unit is 1500 lbs.

For a 132 sq. ft. jumping surface, this unit comes with more flexible mat rods around the edges of the jumping mat. This assures you get the utmost bouncing experience whether you are jumping alone or with others.

Compared to higher-end spring trampolines, this one can get you a more bouncing experience.

The jumping mat got patented SoftEdge Mat to cover hard edges so that your feet don’t get hurt while jumping on it.

This soft mat is a lot better than typically padded coverings on spring trampolines. Conventional paddings don’t come close to these when it comes to shock-absorbing capabilities.


  • Extremely well-bouncing jumping mat
  • Enough jumping space for multiple adults at a time
  • A high enclosure net protects jumpers from falling off the mat
  • Excellent stability due to large and durable metal frame
  • It can also be used for gymnastic purposes


  • Installation takes hours, even with 2-3 people
  • Expensive option

Short Verdict

I would recommend getting this model if you have several teenagers who will jump on it with their friends. Also, you won’t miss the fun game by any means.

Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline

Springfree 11 ft Large Square Trampoline

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Square trampolines seem a lot more spacious than round trampolines of similar size. For example, with the 10 ft. round model, you will get about 80 sq. ft. of jumping surface.

But, this 11 ft. square shape offers 113 sq. ft. space which is a little smaller than the 13 ft. round trampoline.

Due to this shape, the trampoline has more space on the edges. Its 113 sq. ft. jumping mat will be more than enough for accommodating 2 jumpers at a time. Up to 3 kids can jump on this mat without any issue.

This one features a 9ft. high enclosure net for safety and stuff, which is more than enough for even adults to keep inside the trampoline.

Rackless jumps won’t get them out of the trampoline whatsoever. The net is sturdy and flexible for you to stay worry-free when the kids jump on the mat.

The flexible rods underneath the jumping mat are quite capable of providing a superb jumping experience. Kids, along with adults, will enjoy the bounce every time.

Compared to the 10 ft. trampoline, this one has a larger metal frame to provide the needed stability and sturdiness for intensive jumps. The frame, along with a spacious jumping mat, offers a max weight capacity of up to 1500 lbs.

Regardless of the weather issues, your trampoline will be well-protected outside without taking any damage.

If you are not that expert at putting things together, you better ask for an assistant for the installation.


  • Enough spacious jumping mat, larger than round trampoline of the same size
  • Great bouncing experience even with adult jumpers
  • High enclosure net to prevent jumpers from falling off the trampoline
  • Large metal frame delivers excellent stability during intensive jumping sessions
  • Ideal for high-intensity sports such as dunking basketball


  • The holes on the net are bigger than the size of kids fingers
  • Difficult installation process

Short Verdict

If your backyard has enough space and you can spend on a larger trampoline, the deal would be worthwhile because the family members will enjoy a quality fun time in the backyard.

Springfree 13 ft. Jumbo Square Trampoline

Springfree 13 ft. Jumbo Square Trampoline

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It is the largest trampoline you can get from Springfree. Ideally, this jumbo square unit suits the best for gymnastics and adult recreational exercises. Families of both teenagers and adults can get the best out of this trampoline.

With a huge jumping surface of 155 sq. ft., you can do a lot more than just jumping on it.

Multiple people can get inside when jumping, laying down, reading books, dunking basketball, and lots of other outdoor activities.

You will find the kids spending more time inside the trampoline than with screens.

Like the rest of the large Springfree trampolines that I have reviewed previously, it can accommodate up to 1500 lbs of weight at a time on its jumping surface.

So, even 2 or 3 people, 1 or 2 of them being adults, can easily enjoy great bouncing sessions on this model. If your kids want your company while jumping, you can respond to them without worrying about the safety issue.

No matter how recklessly the jumpers jump on the mat, the enclosure net is 9 ft. high to prevent anyone from falling out of the mat. The enclosure is sturdy yet soft on skins. However, the holes are a bit larger compared to the finger size of kids.

For bounce, this one got even more flexible mat rods, which doesn’t make any compromise to get you the utmost bouncing experience. Due to its springless mechanism, you can stay worry-free about the jumpers inside.


  • Largest jumping surface for limitless fun
  • Superior jumping performance with multiple jumpers at a time
  • The durable metal frame makes the base extremely stable
  • A high enclosure net ensures the safety of the jumpers
  • Square shape offers more space for edges


  • Expensive
  • Large holes on the enclosure net can trap kids fingers
  • Time-consuming installation

Short Verdict

As this one is the largest one, I highly recommend you get a ladder to make it easier for the kids to enter it.

Springfree 8×11 ft. Medium Oval Trampoline

Springfree 8x11 ft. Medium Oval Trampoline

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If you have a medium-sized backyard, but you want the conveniences of jumping on a higher-weight capacity trampoline, this oval-shaped trampoline can meet such requirements.

Its durable construction allows up to 1500 lbs of max weight while not compromising the bounce quality.

The jumping mat has 77 sq. ft. of spacing for limitless fun. Due to its oval shape, the mat is about 10.5 ft. side by side; so, multiple jumpers can jump on it. But, the length is only 7.2, which is the reason why it can fit a pretty small-sized backyard without any trouble.

At a time, 3 jumpers can jump without any issues unless they attempt flipping or something.

You get to see the same flexible mat rods to handle everything for the bounce, making Springfree trampolines the safest ones to use. Unlike spring ones, there’s no chance of hurting your feet by any means.

The bouncing experience is pretty much the same as larger models. Enjoy the endless jumping experience as much as you can without worrying about injury.

Like the higher-end models, this one also has a 9 ft. high enclosure net to make sure the jumpers are always inside the trampoline. The net is sturdy enough to prevent accidental falls yet soft on the skin.


  • Compact for the yard while having enough space on the mat for three jumpers
  • Sturdy build quality can take up to 1500 lbs of weight
  • High enclosure net to prevent jumpers from falling off the jumping mat
  • Great bounce, similar to the expensive models
  • Less expensive compared to most spring-free models


  • Multiple jumpers cannot flip on it
  • Installation isn’t that easy

Short Verdict

This compact trampoline easily fits medium-sized backyards while leaving enough space around it for easy movement.

If spending for a larger model seems overwhelming to you, this least expensive model can get all the features along with the same bouncing performance for the jumpers.

Springfree 8×13 ft. Large Oval Trampoline

Springfree 8x13 ft. Large Oval Trampoline

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The last model on the list is a sizeable oval-shaped trampoline. Its oval shape still manages to give it a compact form factor compared to regular size 13 ft. trampolines.

Therefore, for a medium-size yard, this unit will fit perfectly without taking space for movement.

On its 92 sq. ft. of jumping surface, up to 3 jumpers can easily enjoy seamless bouncing fun. However, when there are multiple jumpers on it, it’s highly advised not to attempt flipping.

The max weight capacity is 1500 lbs. Thus, you as a parent can also join your kids on the jumping surface and have a quality family fun time.

The spring-free mechanism isn’t any exception with this model either. For safety, it got a 9 ft. high sturdy enclosure net that does a pretty decent job at keeping the jumpers safe inside the trampoline.

There is a shock-absorbent soft mat covering the hard edges to eliminate any chances of minor injuries on the edges.

Even during high-intensity jumping sessions, the trampoline feels pretty stable. Thanks to its durable metal frame construction.


  • Ideal for medium-sized yards without compromising the jumping surface
  • Can accommodate up to 3 jumpers at a time
  • An extremely sturdy metal frame keeps the base stable enough
  • A sturdy enclosure net protects the jumpers from falling
  • Bouncing performance is quite satisfactory and similar to the expensive models


  • High price considering the total sq. ft. of jumping space you get
  • Installation takes a lot of time and effort

Short Verdict

If a regular-shaped trampoline won’t fit your yard well, or you don’t want to spend the extras for a larger unit for your kids, this one would be worthwhile considering these two aspects.

Key Considerations When Purchasing the Best Springfree Trampolines

These models have different mechanisms and construction than traditional trampolines. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of what you are going to pay for.

Keep the following aspects in mind before you finalize your order.

Size of the Trampoline

The first and foremost thing that you must decide is which size of trampoline you are going to need. Springfree has trampolines of different sizes from 8 ft. to 13 ft. Each size is for specific jumping purposes.

If you are getting the trampoline for your toddler or kid, there’s not much space in your backyard, and you want to go with the cheapest springless option, an 8 ft. trampoline will be the right pick for you.

One of the benefits of having a small trampoline is that you can move the entire trampoline to your suitable place. It’s easy and doesn’t require that much effort.

10 ft. trampolines are much bigger compared to 8 ft. ones. At a time, two individuals can jump on it. The frame, jumping surface, and enclosure net are bigger on this model as well.

This size suits best for kids as well as teenagers. However, when there are multiple jumpers on the jumping surface at a time, no one should attempt flipping.

If you have a medium-sized backyard, a 10 ft. trampoline will easily fit while leaving enough space for people to walk.

Springfree also has 11 ft. trampolines for teenagers. The weight limit of this size is close to the largest model.

Thus, multiple teenagers or even adults are okay on its jumping surface. The enclosure net is pretty high and similar to the larger 13 ft. model.

Your yard must have enough space to accommodate a trampoline of this size. Also, keep in mind that the price will be much higher as well.

The largest size is 13 ft. If there will be adults on the jumping surface on a regular basis along with kids and teenagers, this is the right size for such jumping requirements.

As the jumping surface will be larger, there will be more flexible mat rods to deliver the most bouncing experience. Also, the frame will be more stable compared to the smaller ones.

Weight Limit

Springfree trampolines come with two types of weight capacities. One is the single jumper weight capacity; the other one is the total tested max weight capacity.

Even if a trampoline comes with 175 lbs of single jumper weight capacity, multiple jumpers can easily bounce as the jumping mat size accommodates.

However, it’s not recommended to allow more than one on smaller models, more than two on medium models, and more than three jumpers on larger models at a time.

When multiple jumpers are on the mat, there shouldn’t be any flipping and stuff.

The single weight capacity on larger models is about 220 lbs, and the max weight limit is 1500 lbs.

Again, although these trampolines are pretty sturdy and durable, you shouldn’t risk allowing more jumpers than the jumping mat should have on it.

Safety Features

No one can deny the fact that Springfree trampolines are engineered following the safest construction method. From the enclosure to the frame shape, everything is well designed to make each of their units safe to play on.

The most amazing safety feature of these trampolines is the springless jumping mat. Instead of using conventional metal springs, this manufacturer uses flexible composite rods that leave no pinch, pointy openings, and metal parts whatsoever.

Thus, the jumpers on the trampoline can jump without worrying about getting injured.

I have a good knowledge of the components used in traditional trampolines. The enclosure net on spring-free ones is the most durable and sturdy. Even after 3-4 years of use, you won’t notice any damage whatsoever.

If you are getting the trampoline for kids, a 7-8 ft. high enclosure net will be more than enough. Larger models come with a 9 ft. high netting system to make sure even the adults don’t fall off the trampoline accidentally while jumping.

The padding on the springs that we see in conventional trampolines is mostly made of thin materials.

However, these springless models have a shock-absorbent mat on hard edges around the jumping mat to make sure the jumpers don’t get hurt while jumping.

Purpose of Using

Even though kids love jumping on trampolines, adults also love to spend quality time on the jumping surface too. This is the reason why manufacturers, including Springfree, make trampolines keeping using intent in mind.

If you are getting the trampoline only for kids, you are good to pick a smaller model. Teenagers require a bit larger models because of the intensity of their jumps.

Some adults use trampolines for gymnastic purposes. If you are also going to use the trampoline for exercising and cardio purposes, make sure you get the largest one.


You can purchase some valuable accessories along with the trampoline to make the overall experience more convenient and hassle-free. Some of the most useful and entertaining accessories are –


On the trampoline, you can dunk basketballs like a pro. If you are about to get a larger unit, there will be plenty of space for playing basketball. The jumpers jump on the surface more intensely and will be more active.


For kids, there won’t be any issue getting on the jumping mat. But if you are getting an 11 or 13 ft. trampoline, be sure also to buy a FlexrStep ladder to make climbing easier for kids.

Ground Anchor

Smaller trampolines won’t be stable during big storms. After a stormy night, you might find the trampoline on the other side of the yard due to the storm. To prevent this from happening, get some ground anchor, and attach the trampoline onto these.


You can get a sunshade for the trampoline to protect the skin from direct sunlight. If kids will be using it for a long time each day, it’s better to get a sunshade to make sure their skins don’t get burned due to sun rays.

These add-ons might not come with the package. You will have to buy them separately.

How Springfree Trampolines Are Made

The materials are what make Springfree trampolines different from other brands. After doing deep research to make trampolines safe and durable, they have sourced the best possible materials to make trampolines last for years.


To give the entire construction a reliable foundation and structure, they have used a heavy-duty metal frame.

The metal frame also got galvanized powder coat to make sure it can withstand weather elements and extreme issues. This durable frame also adds to the overall stability of the trampoline.


Unlike conventional trampolines, Springfree trampolines have flexible composite rods, which is the main reason why people trust this brand regarding safety.

These mat rods eliminate the chances of getting hurt as there’s no hard edge, pinching point, and opening whatsoever.

Jumping Mat

Springfree used durable polypropylene material to make their jumping mats. This material is UV resistant so that it won’t fade away due to extreme heat. The edges got thick SoftEdge mat to make sure there are no hard edges, which can lead to minor injuries.

Also, heavy rainfall or snowfall won’t damage the material at all. You can leave the trampoline without covering the mat, and still, it will be in good condition and shape.

Enclosure Net

Their enclosure net is quite sturdy and durable. It can even withstand the impact and force of adult jumpers without any issues.

Also, the enclosure will provide the cushioned landing and force the jumper back to the center of the trampoline. So, the net is strong enough yet soft and gentle on skins.

What Shapes Does the Springfree Trampoline Come in?

Springfree trampolines come in various shapes as well. Each shape serves specific purposes and has advantages over another.


This is the most commonly available shape for trampolines. In terms of price, round trampolines are the cheapest ones. People who have a relatively small yard mostly opt for this option.


This form factor for trampolines offers more jumping space than round-shaped ones. You would need a medium to large yard to fit a square shape trampoline in it.

When it comes to the price, these trampolines cost more than other shapes.


Medium-sized yards are ideal for oval shape trampolines. Ideally, a trampoline of this shape has wider jumping space. But the overall size and sq ft. of the jumping surface is less than a square shape model.

These units cost more than round ones but less than square trampolines.

Which Size and Shape of a Springfree Trampoline Should You Buy?

So, there are different shapes and sizes of trampolines that you can choose from. But, you must get the shape and size that actually benefits you in terms of both enjoyment and fitness.

Toddlers and Kids

If you are about to get a Springfree trampoline for your little one, mini size or 8 ft. size would be the right option to go with. The mini trampoline comes only in a round shape.

If you don’t want to spend much on a trampoline, get a round shape unit. However, if budget isn’t an issue, I would recommend square one. Yard size wouldn’t be an issue as 8 ft. ones don’t take much space anyway.

Kids and Teenagers

If you have both kids and teenagers in the house, an 11 ft. trampoline would be the ideal pick as it will allow two jumpers on the jumping surface at a time.

In terms of shape, you really need to consider your yard size. A round unit will fit well if the yard is small.

Get an oval-shaped unit if the yard is small, but you still want a decently large jumping surface for the jumpers.

If the yard is pretty large, get a square-shaped trampoline for the best experience.


For adults, the trampoline must have a large space on it. If you also want to be on the jumping mat with your kids, get either an 11 ft. or 13 ft. unit. On a 13 ft. trampoline, you can jump on it along with multiple kids at a time.

When it comes to the shape, it’s pretty much the same as I have said earlier. A round unit would be cost-effective and ideal for a small yard. If the yard is large, and the budget isn’t an issue, go for a square trampoline.

An oval shape is when you don’t want to spend the extras yet want a wider trampoline for the jumpers to have fun on it.

Springfree vs Regular Trampolines

The springless mechanism is the safest one you choose for your kids. That doesn’t mean that traditional trampolines aren’t good. All trampolines come with pretty much the same metal frame. Also, there are other factors that are common in both options.

If your curious mind wants to know how well a Springfree trampoline can hold against top trampolines in the market, this section will provide you the information you need to make your mind towards your preferable option.


This is the most visible factor when it comes to Springfree vs. traditional trampolines. Springfree uses flexible composite rods to make the jumping surface bounce without compromising anything to make it much safer for kids.

Whereas traditional trampolines feature galvanized steel springs to make the jumping mat bounce. Due to pinch points and openings, this spring mechanism is quite risky for jumpers.

Enclosure Net

Trampolines of both Springfree and traditional brands come with an enclosure net. However, the net is less durable than other trampolines.

Springfree uses a high-quality enclosure net, which is sturdy enough to withstand the load from adults. Also, the material is soft and gentle on the skin.

Let’s have a quick comparison of Springfree vs. other trampoline brands.

Springfree vs Jumptek

Jumptek is a trampoline manufacturer from Canada. Considering the price factor, Jumptek is better. But when it comes to safety as well as size and shape options, Springfree ones are much worthwhile considering.

Unlike Springfree trampolines, Jumptek doesn’t have a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.

When it comes to installation, both these manufacturers give tough times to the customers. Trampolines are pretty hard to assemble. It can take up to 5 hours, depending on the number of helping hands that will work to assist you.

One of the major drawbacks of Jumptek trampoline deals is that you will have to purchase the enclosure net separately. It won’t come along with the trampoline.

Springfree vs Vuly Trampoline

In many aspects, Vuly Thunder is a close competitor to Springfree. Like Springfree, Vuly has developed their custom springless trampolines that use leaf spring technology instead of typical springs.

The springs are designed for safety. They are located under the jumping surface instead of on the edges as in the traditional ones.

When it comes to different sizes and variants, Vuly trampolines don’t stay behind. They have trampolines of different shapes for jumpers of different ages.

However, all their trampolines come in round shape, which is one of the areas where Springfree leads the race.

Vuly trampolines do come with an enclosure net, which is sturdy and durable enough to protect jumpers from falling.

However, when you compare the sturdiness of the enclosure net from both these manufacturers, Springfree ones are the most durable.

At a much cheaper and affordable price point, you can enjoy enjoyable bounces on a Vuly trampoline, which isn’t the case with Springfree.

So, if you need a trampoline while making sure that it’s safe for kids but don’t want to spend an insane amount of money, Vuly is the option to go for.

Springfree vs Jumpsport

Jumpsport is a quite familiar name among rebounders. Jumpsport uses flexible cords instead of traditional springs to make the trampolines safe to make the jumping mat bounce. This assures the parent regarding the safety issue.

So, as far as rebounding is concerned, Jumpsport is pretty much ahead of Springfree.

Springfree vs. AlleyOop

AlleyOop is another manufacturer that makes safe and sturdy spring trampolines. Their units are able to provide a decent bouncing experience considering the price range.

The overall construction quality is good enough and can even withstand weather issues with ease.

However, when it comes to the safety issue, their trampolines are no match for Springfree models.

Springfree vs. Skywalker

You will find skywalker trampolines in the market in numbers. They have various sizes and shapes of trampolines for different jumping needs.

One of the main reasons most people purchase a skywalker trampoline is its low price range. But, the overall construction quality is pretty good to call them durable trampolines.

When safety is the prime concern, Skywalker doesn’t seem to be good enough for kids. Their spring-based trampolines have some design flaws or are made of relatively poor-quality material. This is why Skywalker trampolines are found really cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Springfree trampolines safe for kids?

Due to the springless mechanism, Springfree trampolines are the safest trampoline for kids and toddlers. The Springfree design eliminates pointy metal parts, hard openings, etc. that can cause injuries while jumping.

Are spring or springfree trampolines better?

Spring-based trampolines are the best when it comes to bounce. But, almost a similar level of bounce can be produced from a Springfree trampoline if the jumping mat is a larger one.

Smaller Springfree trampolines require significant force to generate spring-like bounce.

Are Vuly or Springfree trampolines better?

Although Vuly trampolines are also springless and safe to jump on, the base doesn’t seem that stable and sturdy compared to Springfree trampolines.

How much should you spend on a trampoline?

Trampolines are quite expensive. Safer ones cost even more. You can get an average quality trampoline, spending around $400. Expensive ones start from $1000, and these are the most bouncy and safe trampolines you can get.

Final Words

When the safety of the jumpers is the prime concern, you won’t go wrong choosing any of the above-reviewed trampolines from Springfree.

Again, whether you want to purchase a smaller one or a larger unit, be sure to consider the maximum weight, size, and the number of jumpers on the mat at a time to get the best Springfree trampoline for your money.

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