Berg Trampoline Reviews

Fancy having fun with your kid or by yourself in your loving backyard? Well, nothing could be a better call than a trampoline. The trampolines are a true line of joy for the kids and exercise stuff for the adults.

Also, this particular outdoor activity equipped has to do with physical well-being. Any random trampoline can lead to serious injury due to a lack of safe measurements.

Now, to get a kick out of a trampoline, you must have the right piece; since the market blew off with multiple brands. Doing the legwork, I’ll take you through berg trampoline reviews because Berg has come up with a solid reputation in the trampoline industry. Their units are strongly built and safe to jump on.

Measuring the durability, value, safety, and product efficacy, I enlisted three of them and went through the buyers’ and experts’ opinions to introduce the true valuables.

Top 3 BERG Champion Trampoline

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14Ft
BERG Trampoline Champion 14ft
BERG Champion Trampoline 11Ft

Berg Trampoline Reviews

Since you are here, you must know your plan of use, shape, and size of the trampoline, weight capacity, and above all, the safety measure for your family. I’ll show each part to you in each product review to acknowledge a better understanding.

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14Ft

BERG Trampoline Inground Champion 14Ft

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When your kids play their hearts out for a trampoline, safety should be your major concern, and if you have a raised trampoline, it’ll cause nothing but danger. With the weight capacity of 265 lbs. it allows multiple kids to jump at once without any issues.

To that concern, the inground champion trampoline from Berg is the right call. It’s about a few inches off the ground to keep your kids safe and let air flow beneath the ground for a better bounce.

As it’s a bit raised from the ground, the champion is clearly suitable for safe and long jumping. This trampoline offers air resistance, more jumping area, and ease of landing.

Plus, having TwinSpring Gold Springs, you can rest assured of making the best jumps ever with the perfect jumping area. These springs ensure that you are always in the center of the mat.

Aside from that, the AirFlow Technique is the thing to call for higher jumps. Well, who doesn’t love to make high jumps? The jumping mat ennobles better air permeation compared to traditional mats.

As you know, trampolines stay exposed to daylight and nature the most; they’ve to be durable and long-lasting to withstand natural damages. This 14ft trampoline comes covered with a sturdy frame and thick padding, offering you protection against weather and UV rays.

Made of solid zinc coating and 2mm wall thickness, this trampoline keeps its head high and makes sure to keep bouncing for many years to come.

Furthermore, the trampoline is safeguarded with special nets paired with net poles. In case the kids are always inside of it.


  • Withstands weather issues and UV rays
  • Advanced AirFlow technique for high jumps
  • Solid build frame for longevity and durability
  • Balances a pretty good weight


  • Nets could be a bit longer for more safety


For most jumping fun, this one will be the right pick. Apart from kids, an adult can also enjoy the jumping session, but not complanied by anyone else. Allow multiple kids to jump on it without worrying about safety.

BERG Trampoline Champion 14ft

BERG Trampoline Champion 14ft

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If you wish for a more secured trampoline but not an inground one, this 14ft trampoline champion can be the right pick. Higher security, better jumping sessions, solid frame, durable spring system – all are in it.

First off, this trampoline comes with a solid frame construction in strong tubes with effective thickness. The tubes play the big game to back up the frame for continuous jumping sessions and a longer lifespan.

Coming to jumping sessions, the advanced TwinSpring Gold System and AirFlow methods call the major action so that you and your kids can enjoy every inch of it.

Starting with TwinSpring Gold System, it carries out larger jumps with better suspensions while assuring you’re always in the center of the mat. Plus, the spring system makes sure that you have a larger jumping area to enjoy each jump as much as possible, second to none.

Secondly, thanks to the AirFlow System, this calls out for making higher jumps. It makes sure of less air resistance when you’re making the jumps, aka the high jumps. And most importantly, this technique ensures 50% extra air permeation than traditional jumping mats.

Now, dialing to safety features, you get a whole ton of it. The thick green padding around the trampoline comes in a 1-inch thick layer of foam over the springs and the top rail. This foam holds the trampoline in perfect shape and never lets the surface sloth.

Moreover, the padding comes from a higher quality PVC material – 0.55mm thick – which confirms a protective edge around the surface. Plus, it’s totally UV and weatherproof resistant. This all counts for a longer period of the lifespan.

What’s more? Well, this trampoline doesn’t miss out on the unique nets that add more safety for your kids like the previous one. They get combined with net poles to hold the ground nicely.


  • Protection against all-natural damages and UV rays
  • Included tubes for a solid frame construction
  • Higher grade PVC material for additional protection
  • Features nets for kid’s safety
  • Thick foam to keep the same shape always


  • Doesn’t transform into an in-ground trampoline


Overall, if you’re looking for a safe, secured, and better jumping surface trampoliner for your backyard, this is one hell of a choice you can go for.

BERG Champion Trampoline 11Ft

BERG Champion Trampoline 11Ft

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Covering all security aspects, this 11ft kit comes in Safety Net Deluxe to add another layer of safety to the bag.

This Net Deluxe brings a round-shaped coverage of a unique black net around the surface to ensure that your kids are always inside the trampoline. Moreover, the net confirms your kids never fall out of the surface, even accidentally.

You would surely seek incredible comfort in each jump. This BERG Trampoline offers a fantastic jumping session and convenience for you, and the design allows you to jump for a longer period.

Apart from that, the brand claims that the solid build construction of this piece will never disappoint you. Its build quality is fully backed by strong tubes made with potential thickness.

Furthermore, you’ll notice a thick foam around the surface combined with poles. The foam keeps the surface tighten and the net in place; otherwise, you’d see the net falling. Plus, this thick foam comes in 1 inch thick over the springs, and top rail, layered in green padding. It protects the inner materials from natural calamities.

However, to make your each jump comfortable, the combination of the AirFlow technique and TwinSpring Gold Springs work together. Offering less air resistance and a chance to enjoy a larger jumping area, you and your kids will enjoy all of it and make the best moment together.

However, I’d like to point out that this piece can carry only 220lbs weight. So, be aware of not crossing the limits; otherwise, heavy loads might tear it out.


  • Ensures less air resistance
  • Provides higher jumping comfort
  • Offers a larger jumping area
  • Thick foam structure for a longer lifespan
  • Strong net coverage for kids safety


  • Weight capacity is 220 lbs


For those who are looking for a small and compact trampoline for kids to fit a small backyard, this would be worthwhile considering.

What to Look for Before Buying a BERG Trampoline?

Now, before picking a trampoline of the Berg, you’ve to look for a few things like where you plan to keep it, the safety, shape, accessibility, etc. Remember these facts to get a good call.

Safety Features

Before you land on a trampoline, you should check out the history of it – the safety features, I mean, either it’s dangerous or not.

Safety nets have the most crucial factor of all, and that’s to keep the jumpers inside of the trampoline. You must look for this if you’ve kids in your house. The net basically forms a barrier to prevent your kids or you from falling off. Plus, this netting protects from falling on frame or springs and receiving a shot.

Frame padding helps to cover hazardous metal frames and springs that surround your jumping surface. They keep your body safe.


More or less, the trampoline industry offers rectangular or rounds shaped trampolines. If you crave recreational experiences, the round ones are suitable and the best choice for you. Since you make the jump, the springs get activated and pull you in the center.

On the other hand, for gymnastic and athletic purposes, go for the rectangular ones because they allow more even bounces and greater rebounds. So, which group are you in? Athletes or recreational?


If you’re concerned about the larger trampolines, you can go for between 12 ft to 17 ft. But you might want to note that the jumping surface is going to be lesser than the actual dimensions. For groups, these are a good choice, especially the rectangular or square shapes.

Trampolines less than 12 ft. in size are ideal for single individuals or kids.

Weather Resistance

Most people set up their trampoline in the backyard, and it becomes exposed to wind, sun, rain, and even snow. So, you must select a trampoline that’s structured to combat nature.

Plus, a weighted structure can prevent your trampoline from flying in heavy winds into nearby places, like in your neighborhoods. Naturally, stainless or galvanized steel, woven polypropylene, and rust-resistant ingredients make the base heavy and not easily fly off the ground. It’s better if you keep the trampoline covered when not in use.

Weight Limit

The weight of a trampoline can indicate whether it’s dedicated to adults or kids. Usually, if an average-sized adult or two three kids at a time jump on the trampoline, it should measure a weight of not less than 200 pounds.

Bigger ones can go beyond 1,000 pounds, making it ideal for group jumps. Anyway, 300 pounds or more is the ideal call if you have adults and kids using the trampoline in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trampolines actually safe?

As long as you’re following some major steps, you’re safe – the trampoline is safe. But it’s not a lie that trampolines always keep room for injury. So, treating with caution can back you up, like using a safety net, not performing any tricks, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You’re all good.

Is my child old enough to use a trampoline?

Children below the age of six must not go for larger trampolines that are set outdoor. Still, if you want your kid to experience that joy, you can go for mini-trampolines. And make sure to monitor your child when they’re on the trampoline.

Are spring-free trampolines safer?

Undoubtedly, spring-free trampolines are safer. They may break your bank but are worth the price for sure. Because these are flexible and offer much less danger than regular ones.

Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?

Yeap, you can. Jumping on a trampoline will help you lose fat in most of your body parts, including arms, stomach, hips, and legs. Eventually, you will get to build muscle too.

Are square trampolines better than round?

Basically, when you’re considering shape, the rectangular ones will provide you a higher bounce experience than the rounds. A rectangular trampoline offers equal jumps and greater rebounds. So, the answer is YES.

Final Thought

Now that you’ve gone through the berg trampoline reviews, I believe you’ve already selected one for yourself. Well, choosing one won’t land you the right choice until you’ve inspected it thoroughly.

To have the perfect buy, go through the buying guide – the aspects, like size, shape, safety features, and others. Once you check them out, I can bet your money will worth the shot.

Anyway, trampolines will provide you with hours of fun, exercise, good for both kids, and adults. But one major fact you should remember that one person should jump at a time – it doesn’t matter the weight. Or else, you might end up tearing out the surface or fall on the spring or pole.

Happy jumping!

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