Ancheer Trampoline Reviews

If your kids have come to you with a new demand to get them a big gift, what do you think, you should give?

We have an answer.

Not only it will offer a fun way to work out together but also enable you to make your bond with the kids stronger. And when you will have one from Ancheer, you will get to find out the reason. 

Ancheer Trampoline is one of Ancheer’s popular product. This trampoline from the brand has impressed all the parents out there. So, let’s check out what it has in these Ancheer trampoline reviews.

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Ancheer Trampoline Reviews

Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy Ancheer Trampoline:

  • Adjustable handle.
  • Sufficient weight capacity. 
  • Foldable mat. 

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Features of Ancheer Trampoline:


Ancheer Trampoline Design

Let’s talk about the design first. The trampoline comes with a handle bar in the middle constructed with stainless steel. It’s wrapped with pad that offers cushioning. 

The big plus is that the bar features adjustable heights in 5 levels that you can change from 38 inch to 45 inch length. To add more, the adjustable height also helps offer stability so you and your kids master balance by using it.

It’s oval rebounding surface also impresses much. The mat has been made up of polypropylene material that lasts long. You can fold it as well for easy storage.

Besides, the shape measures 56 inch by 35 inch diameter to offer moderate space for parents and kids. The only issue here is that the mid bar limits the space. But that is not a big con. 

However, the trampoline comes with a durable rubber-holder for every leg. Not only it protects floor from scratching but also reduces noise. 

As for the spring, it is made of stainless steel. However, it doesn’t impress you with its quality. However, the trampoline will also get you a blue padded cover that seems to be pretty durable. 

Bounce System:

The Ancheer trampoline comes with spring oriented bounce system. Albeit the springs are supposed to make the mat bounce high, but you may find it a bit stiff. So, it can be called a low-bounce trampoline. It is probably the most important aspects.

However, the good thing is, you will love to work out with your kids on it. Having such bounce system can be a very fun way to lose weight and be fit. And consequently, it can help increase bone mass, improve functioning of immune system and strengthen skeletal system. It can also help uplift detoxification and cleanse the body. Not only that, it can also help your kids grow taller while improving blood circulation. 

However, the mat may give you a bit squeaky noise while jumping on it. So, that can bother you. 


Ancheer Trampoline Safety

Safety is a big reason why you will find positive feedbacks. The brand has included almost everything to make the trampoline safe and comfortable. 

As mentioned above, the trampoline includes a padded cover with the spring. It has been made of extra-thick vinyl coat to offer safety. Not only it will keep the kids from falling on the springs but also help them protect against punches. 

The middle bar has also been padded to provide you with safety since it will let you keep the balance.

Not just that, the rubber holder of the leg will also be there to help prevent the trampoline from tipping over so it can keep you safe. 

Weight Capacity:

Ancheer trampoline reviews were found positive regarding its sufficient weight capacity. The maximum load it can take is 220 pounds that bring happiness to the kids and the parents. 

Not only they can have fun together but can perform different forms of exercises as well.


The trampoline comes with all the necessary parts for assembling them. You will have the mat, handle bar, springs, spring cover and rubber-tipped leg tube. The installation is stated to be very easy. It will take 30 minutes to put it together if you follow the instruction manual properly. 

    • The mat and the frame offer durability and performance.
    • Handle is adjustable with 5 levels while it offers stability.
    • Rubber-holder of the leg protects floor from scratching and also reduces noise.
    • It offers different kinds of health benefits. 
    • Weight capacity is sufficient for parents and kids to use.
    • It takes only 30 minutes to assemble completely.
    • Safety has been ensured.
    • The mat is foldable for easy storage. 
    • Mid handle bar limits the space a little and can cause inconvenience sometimes. 
    • The quality of the spring is not very impressive since it tends to deteriorate quick. 
    • The mat can make squeaky noise while you jump on it. 
    • Some of you may not like the stiffness of the mat. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you adjust the handlebar? Does it come padded?

A: Yes, the trampoline comes with adjustable handle bar. You can adjust it into 5 separate levels from 38 inches to 45 inches. It enables both the parents and the kids to select suitable height for their convenience. Moreover, it also comes padded having been made of extra thick vinyl foam. 

Q: And if it is, then how would you fold it?

A: To fold the mat, you need to take the middle handle bar out at first. Then you can fold in half inward where the leg will be on the outward. 

Q: What does the trampoline come with in the box?

A: The trampoline comes with all the necessary parts needed for the installation. It includes jumping mat, padded handle bar, springs, spring pad, rubber-holder leg, screws and brackets.

Q: Is it required to keep the handle bar on?

A: No, it is not required to have the bar on it. However, if you are allowing the kids to use it, then it is suggested to keep it for safety purpose. 

Final Words:

Alright. That’s our wrap for the ancheer trampoline reviews. One of the biggest reasons why ancheer trampoline is loved by the users is that it offers adjustability through the handle bar. That way, both parents and kids can work out separately by selecting the suitable height. Moreover, both of you can also try it out together. But you have to get it home at first.

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